Dude OS Version 1.3.1

See inside
Notes and Credits

This is Version 1.3.1 of my operating system: The Dude OS
Pacman (back with no glitches) located on desktop and start menu

Pong (already here fixed glitch) located on desktop and start menu

Properties (already here) press z and click to open the properties where you can change your backround

Other Features: (already here and not here yet)
Shut Down (here already)
Restart( here)
start up (here already)
Virtual Dog (already here(version 1.1)) Take care of your own dog

Loyal Pet (already here)Your own cat that is so loyal that she follows your mouse pointer. (lNow located on desktop and start menu)
Dude OS Media Player (Here but with a lot of glitches I need to fix in the next version)
Play music
(located on the desktop only)

Internet Explorer
(located on desktop only)
scratch.mit.edu (already here)
DUDE OS Search (almost here)
download songs for media player (Two songs,still lots of glitches)
Dude OS mail (e-mail) (already here with one message in the inbox)

Dude Word (NEW!! Version 1.0)
Type!! You can type with the keyboard (duh!) and left arrow key is backspace

Features coming soon:
More backrounds
More songs
my documents
my pictures
DUDE OS Search (on internet)

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