Bubbles Platformer

See inside

l3 U l3 l3 L E

That says 'BUBBLE' with l3 as B, for those of you who can't tell.

Use arrows to move. You are the pink bubble, that got clown up into the sky, and the green bubble is telling you a story.

NOTE: Badbubbles in this game are coming soon! I'm getting the scripts ready in a separate project but if you go inside this one you will see that there is a sprite ready for it!

Notes and Credits

I made this when I was sooooo bored. So yea, it's not that great.

Hope you like it, though!

If you reallllly like it, there is a sequel on the way, this one with more Badbubbles, and possibly not as quickly-made (I will make it better quality xD)

Thanks @CloudySkies, I based this off of hers.

Thanks @Aboot4 for the particle effect!

Thanks @tmp12, @vpostler22, @i-jula, @graceyo22, @Dance_with_dreams, @FunGames25, @FunGames24, @IvyK25, @tedwilliams, and @wmcintosh22 for being the best real-life friends ever!

Thanks to @NutbrownJr, @CloudySkies, @rushiv, @prettygirl99999, @ClearMonocle, @Enderbrick, @CodingKing999, @ArchangelStudios, @javankova and @gabdiaz for being the best online friends eva!

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