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Ok so I think I have some kind of cuteness disorder: So when I so something cute i get all sad like "I WISH I HAD ONE!!". and when I was at my dads house 2 years ago I saw some pics of me and my old stuffed animal (it was a seal i think) and then im like "AHHHHH I MISS MY SEAL SO MUCH! WHERE IS SHE!!!!!!!!"

and I was watching a trailer for toy story 2 and It had this babydoll with like 1 eye and it locked Woody in a box or something and im like "I WISH I HAD THAT BABY SO I COULD GIVE IT LOVE AND AFFECTION SO IT WASN'T SO MEAN TO WOODY AND STUFF!!! WAAAAAH!"

(i didn't really cry but...)

and if i dont see my bittybaby HOLLY for like 1 day I freak out!!! Onetime i went to my cousins house and slept over in newhampshire im like "I HOPE HOLLY IS OK!!!! WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED!!!"

ok, im not like retarted and weird and thing stuffed animals are alive but....i've just had this through my mind for a LONG time lol

wow what a long description...

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