The LostLands Part 2

See inside

You can mute the sound by going into options on the title screen where you can also choose whether to have cheats on or not. (Not all function as of yet).

You should probably jump a few times before starting to play as this prevents a lot of bugs with the floor.

Arrow keys move Adeol from left to right
A is the interaction button and throws Adeol's shield
Hold X while walking to Sprint
Press Z to pick up objects
Hold down to crouch and you can crawl with the left and right arrows

Notes and Credits

I'm aware that the game engine isn't 100% perfect and that there are a few glitches but if you see a game-breaking glitch be sure to post it in the comments below. Please note that this is a work in progress.

This is the sequel to my most successful project "The LostLands" and is my entry for the ICS Scratch Competition 2014, which finished to be the overall winner. Everything in this version has been revamped improving on the art, animation, SFX and game-play.

The LostLands :

The quest to find The LostLands continues when Adeol emerges from the volcano after defeating the magma rock monster. After sliding down the side of the volcano, he loses his shield deep in the jungle. Untold dangers await Adeol in the jungle as he quests to fulfill his grandfather's legacy and retrieve his trusty shield.

Special mention to Mr. Quille for his help during the creation of The LostLands Part 2 and all the time he took out of his summer break to facilitate a place for me to work on this. Thanks a million!

Feel free to rate the game with the built in star rating system, and if you rate be sure to comment below telling me how many stars you gave and why.
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Constructive criticism is always welcome!

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