Scratch Soccer

See inside

Use the arrows (or WASD) to move the player around to kick the ball.

!!!!! BIG TIP !!!!!
Hold space bar to do a big kick.

Notes and Credits

Update 11: Increased time left to 300.

Update 10: Added WASD keyboard controls, fixed a bug with the timer going into negative, increased game time to 2 minutes.

Update 9: Added you won/lost/tied messages and timer. Changed the blue offender NPC to be a defender to stop getting in the way when the player is scoring a goal.

Update 8: Added game messaging, bottom goal hit detection, tweaked some velocities.

Update 7: Added collision detection for top goal, added zoom animation after out of bounds and scoring.

Update 6: Reskinned ai player.

Update 5: Worked out some ai glitches, added another offender to help player. (Need to reskin as blue team character still.)

Update 4: Updated sprites to megaman flavor. Added an AI player that can't really make a goal but is fun to watch his futile attempts.

Update 3: added a goalie to the top goal. Made ball zoom correctly.

Update 2: ball now scales correctly. Goals removed temporarily while i create separate sprites for them.

Update 1: added player sprite and animation logic so he runs around in
the right direction.

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