3D Framework Demo -pushing the limits of Scratch :)

See inside

3D framework studio: http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/202972/
Enjoy flying along with the other ships - look out for asteroids! ;)
Arrows & WASD to fly ship. Hit 'O' to see options, 'T' for timers.
Problems with KEYBOARD LAG?? -see notes in start screen.
If you're using Chrome and you still have lag as soon as you hit a key, try switching to Firefox (or even IE - gasp!)
(BTW, before you ask: no, you can't fly to the earth, or the moon...)

Notes and Credits

>>UPDATE<< Discovered I fell into simple trap of allowing certain clones to respond to a broadcast as well as the main sprite, so they were doing some unnecessary work - should be a bit faster now.
Also, pressing 'T' now brings up timers.
We've come a fair way since MrLog first shared "3D Space Fight", which later turned into "InterXeptor 3D" :)
The way the framework is scripted now means it is considerably more efficient than it was within InterXeptor.
Having said that, this demo brings several new features, e.g:
- background sprites
- ship jet trails
- camera lens flares
- coloured stars (which are now 'fixed' in the sky)
- space 'dust' (to show movement now that stars don't)
This means it can push Scratch to its limits (try the "Hi-def Jets"!)
But the numerous options also allow you to reduce things to a level that better suits your computer, if needed.
The initial settings should be ok for all but the slowest machines (unless you suffer from keyboard lag problems - see above...)

What's *not* here yet:
- minimum render Z plane clipping for very close surfaces (means objects can get weird when you travel through them...)
- collision detection (one day...)

Hope you enjoy this taste of what's to come for the next rewrite of InterXeptor... :)

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