Mrcomputer1 OS V1.5.9

See inside

THE KEY IS:PB2R3-I7N73-K0YFW-UG45E-MZ95E (Key:46720)
!!@@!!Before remixing please read remix terms (end of this)!!@@!!
If you find a command that shuts the OS down but when you start it it says a error message and tells you to press p while starting up then tell me that command in the comments but for now press p while the OS is starting then type n and type fix then press enter then press y then press enter and the OS should be fixed
Report error in comments
First run:
1. Press Green Flag
2. Type "y"
3. Follow the steps
4. Press green flag
5. Done!
After install:
1. Press Green Flag
2. Wait
3. Type "help" for a list of commands

Remix Terms:
* Make private remixes to save the OS contents
* If you are adding a command then use the add on system!
* You changes can be moved into this project (credit given)
* Changes can be made to the Remix Terms and will be used for
all remixs

Notes and Credits

Add On:
Add On Template:
How to make a Add on for Mrcomputer1 OS:
Update Log (Updates are no longer in Mrcomputer1 News 2013):
25 August 2015 (1.5.9):
*Fixed upgrader
24 August 2015 (1.5.8):
+Added upgrade to Mrcomputer1 OS 2 command
21 August 2015 (1.5.7):
+Now shows message once install is done
29 July 2015 (Win10ReleaseDay) (1.5.6):
*Fixed bug - version numbers not up to date
29 July 2015 (Win10ReleaseDay) (1.5.5):
+Added feature to show alert ~~sysalert-onoff,
~~sysalert-title and ~~sysalert-msg
28 August 2014 (1.5.4):
*Fixed a bug
6 July 2014 (1.5.3):
*Fix bug that did not give second chance on password
3 July 2014 (1.5.2):
*Fix bug that said thing when you enter wrong key
*Fix bug that let any key in keys list work
26 June 2013 (1.5.1):
+Added a product key
22 June 2013 (1.5):
+Must be turned off without the stop button
+Added a use for fixboot
+Added "p" shortcut key for fixboot while the OS
is starting
22 June 2013 (1.4.1):
*Admin command not added in help or
20 June 2013 (1.4):
+Users can not addusers, format, fixboot
+Users can only use setuserpass for there password
+Users can only use deluser for there user
*Now resets the Passwords list and the admins list
and the User count

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