Scratchnapped Level Designer Sandbox v0.1b

See inside

If you want to play Scratchnapped then the project you want is: This project is the level designer for that game. If you want to save your levels you must remix this project, and after using the '0' key to save/playtest the level internally, you must then afterwards remember to Save the scratch project also. Once web-lists come along I will make this work better... Read on...

Numeric 0 - Toggles between level design & play mode
Cursor keys - Move cat
U - fly
Space + Move mouse - to pan screen.
Left Click - Place a block (if not occupied)
D - While mouse over a block to delete it
T - Toggle between various tile categories
S - Switch between the different tiles in that category

Notes and Credits

13-05-2013 - And oops... forgot to add the Scratchling! ;)

13-05-2013 *UPDATE* - You can now place enemies. The game starts out paused, but you can switch between designing and editing by pressing the numeric '0' key. Any enemies killed or coins collected while playing will be restored when you switch back to edit mode.

Ok, now listen. This is not a finished editor by any way or means. It is just to give you a flavour of what is possible or might be coming... If you like this or have any comments about how it is functioning please comment. There is currently NO way to save your levels, but this will come shortly if I feel things are working out. The key to good performance of your levels is to ensure you always use the largest tiles possible to create your level... So use a 4x8 grass tile instead of placing down 32 separate tiles... This lets the game run smoother :)

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