Scratchnapped (A mario style platform game)

See inside

* Aim - Rescue all the Scratchlings (1 per level)... Thus far there's only 4 levels (This is a demo/preview - As I add new features these will be fleshed out and more added).

* Controls - Cursor keys to move (left & right), up to jump. down while in the air to ground pound. Jump against a wall then jump again to wall jump/kick. If near the top ledge of a wall Scratch will cling on (from where you can either climb up, jump off or drop down).

Notes - See how many coins you can collect on your way, and whether you can get that possibly hidden or hard to get to Mega Coin on each level. Some baddies can be stomped on, prickly ones and spiders can't (at present). Don't fall off the bottom of the level... instant life lost.

There's so much more for me to add, and the levels will become a lot better as time goes by, but I am just dying for some feedback to all the work I have put in to this :) - I think you will like it!

Please note - This is not the finished game and some aspects are a little rushed compared to others... Feel free to comment :) I only just added the mario like bricks and blocks seen on the first level, see how you can head them to kill enemies above? You won't see these anywhere else in the game so far as I haven't made further use of them yet. I'm going to make a lot more of the scores and level time, later too :)

Notes and Credits

*** Latest Updates ***

02 Jun 2014 - Removed the 'preview' from the title so that people can
at least enjoy it for what it is without hoping for loads
more updates :) - Maybe one day I will come back to
this, but for now I'm on other things.

04 Jan 2014 - Reworked the game engine loop to try to address the
long standing disappearing platform issue. Let me
know if you still see the issue won't you?

13-05-2013 - Update to WIP level designer sandbox - remix the following project and I can see your levels - perhaps we could even collab?

10-05-2013 - Woohoo, Scratch 2 is officially live! :) - I've updated the scripts to try to get rid of the bug where moving platforms did not reappear on level 3... It's an annoying one because it's never happened to me, but I can understand how it might, so I've tried a fix!

03-05-2013 - Have a play with my Work In Progress Level Editor here: - This is actually the latest work in progress version of this project and will be merged back in with this one in time... I didn't want to do that yet though in case I'd broken anything with the changes!

02-05-2013 - More changes to level spawning / scrolling code + New type of moving platform (controllable) + Changes to level 4... A little easier now? But hopefully still just as fun + Progress flags do not de-flag as other flags are reached.

01-05-2013 - Bit of another code rearrange with regard to level scrolling. I've changed to have a larger despawn range compared to the standard just off screen spawning of tiles. This means there are more sprites to be handled at a time, but less to create and delete when hanging around the same location. Also, deletion is handled better... I'm hoping this will rid us of the horrid disappearing bug.

30-04-2013 - Fixed group pounding on to moving platforms + death while completing level + Prevented moving platforms from despawning so they will always come back ;)

30-04-2013 - Level 4 added - Try it out now! This one will require a lot more skill to complete, and A LOT of skill to collect all the coins. It will definitely not stay as level 4 is it is too difficult for so early on in the game :)

29-04-2013 - Added way points and restored enemies and coins to point of last save. Added extra lives to be collected as alternative to coins when enemies are killed (depending on the number of lives you have left).

29-04-2013 - Reduced Scratches momentum a little, enable scratch to jump off of enemies when bouncing on their heads. Reduced number of coins on 2nd level to improve performace.

29-04-2013 - Stopped just off screen sprites from animating costumes needlessly.

28-04-2013 - Fixed group pound bugs in small areas.

27-04-2013 - Removed flashing 'next' from title page. Prevent group pound in small contained areas causing glitch. Prevent ground pound on exit from level.

26-04-2013 - Performance Improvements - Clouds don't drift any more, but perhaps you never noticed anyhow? ;)
26-04-2013 - Introduced moment of friction that pulls scratch to a halt when his momentum is less than a critical amount and he's on the ground.
26-04-2013 - Increased Scratches ability to change his direction in the air. Let me know whether this improves things for you or hinders you - Thanks!
26-04-2013 - Fixed spelling errors on intro ;)

*** Known Issues ***

If you are experiencing bad performance then you might consider trying it in firefox (it doesn't appear to suffer the same low framerate issues as chrome when holding down keys on slower computers).

*** Credits for Music and Sound effects ***

Many thanks to the amazing sound artists out there letting people use their work under the creative commons license - Thank you!!!

*** Music ***

Itty Bitty 8 Bit by Kevin MacLeod -

*** Sounds ***

Foot step sounds by swuing -
Unprocessed Grunts by Sruddi1 -
Boing by juskiddink -
Pop by mlestn1 -
Collect Sound by fins -

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