KChip-8 (Chip-8 Emu)

by A-KouZ1
See inside

Update! FPChip-8 (with XO-CHIP support)

KChip-8, _Really fast, //except drawing_
Executing Instructions simple as can~

Chip-8 Emulator for Scratch.
Chip-8, Chip-8 Hire, and SuperChip-8.
Most Official or Unofficial ROMS are supported.

Exploring ROMS:
Press key Up or Down to select the Item,
Left or right to Prev page or Next page
Press "I" to see the Description of selected item
Press Space to open it,
Press "L" to input HEX to run the program

Playing a Program:
It has 16 controls, and they mapped with:
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
|q | w | e | r |
| a | s | d | f |
| z | x | c | v |
so, use the key x, 1, 2, 3, q, w, e, a, s, d, z, c, 4, r, f, v
to control the program.
Anyway, I've mapped these keys to Arrow keys for some games,

Press Space to suspend game,
when it suspended, you can exit, or debugging
to exit press "O" key, and key "D" to show debug

P to change Speed if the game are too slow or too fast,
Between 1-128 Instructions PerFrame,
up to 512 Instructions, Press P when you hold B,
L to change Draw method
1. DirectDraw by running cycle (pen)
2. Redraw every Frame (pen)
3. DirectDraw by running cycle (stamp)
4. Redraw every Frame (stamp)


Take da ROM listing were used on this Project,

To Import, always remove tabs, Find and replace, \t to 'null' or nothing

Phosphorus: http://phosphorus.github.io/#101101588
more faster emulation!, [i]with poor interface[/i]

Notes and Credits

Chip-8 Emulator,
Chip-8, legendary video-game from the 70s.
Please, if you don't like retro games, skip this project, and don't comment negatively,

200 Loves! :o

Upcoming, menu function

Well, I'm starting for Improving this project, so... nothing,
but you can enjoy this project at least~!
9:03 - Visitor time recent - 20 Minutes for work up, huh?

29/04/2016 14:30
-Does some optimization, more fast for a slightly XD
- now uses decimal for V-Registers, instead uses HEX

28/04/2016 23:41
- 2 Programs written by me added XD
OMG... Almoost 1000 Views! /w\

26/04/2016 8:40
Oh My God ;3; @griffpatch...
DrawScreen fixes...

17/04/2016 11:55:
-Fixed Keymap setting
-Visitor tracker added!

I realize, using mouse cursor aren't good Idea because I tried it but I can't >.<, that's very..., NAH.!
thats make us harder to exploring roms ._.
anyway... I workin at Options, press O on ROM explorer...
You will see, that's undone .w.

-Selecting item on ROM explorer by Mouse Cursor '3'
glitchy (sorry)

Small update for... I've added few of my own CHIP-8 Programs XD

Key Mapped to Arrow key for some games, ENJOY!
Speed configured on some games
Description addition
Some Changes of Bitwises operation,

-Find error why causes BLINKY is unplayable, and other, SHIFT LEFT and RIGHT instruction are fixed

23/03/2016 Bitwise lookupmode added

21/03/2016 Re-algorithm Drawing method

20/03/2016 Minor addition for Interface

15/03/2016 BIG UPDATE!
New Interface and SuperChip8 support,
ROM Explorer.
All thanks for REVIVAL STUDIOS for ROM's pack
you can take it here:

10/03/2016 Released

Phosphorus checker: @Hedgehog125_test

More thanks for these:
And I can't do it without:


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