Minecraft: McMMO plugin exp calculator

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Type in the skillname, "xp level from", and "xp level to" to calculate. Calculates the amount of xp required to get from level from to level to and tells you what you need to achieve this, based on the skill (may not be 100% accurate)
Some Skills involve a randomised chance, so results may differ to repeated tests.

Notes and Credits

McMMO wiki: http://mcmmo.wikia.com/wiki/McMMO_Wiki
Based on the default values, server config may have changed it.

Skills so far: (- is a bullet point do NOT type it in!)
-Axes (combat)

To Do:

Combat Skills(See Notes "#"):
#1 = Friendly Mobs
#2 = Cave Spiders, Zombies, Slimes, Iron Golems or Magma Cubes.
#3 = Spiders, Skeletons, Blazes, Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts or Silverfish.
#4 = Endermen or Creepers.

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