Super Mario Bros (version 8)

by PaulKoning
See inside

There's a new version here:

Use arrow keys to move and jump.
Collect the coins.
Jump upon enemies (twice!) to beat them.

Here's a 'walkthrough':

Want to remix this game? Use the custom block 'createInstance'. Input x and y (and for goomba's the number of blocksthey move).
X and y and number of blocks are based on a grid of 32 pixels. So x=5 means it is in fact 32x5=160. y starts at the bottom so y=0 means the floor of the game. Give it a try!

Notes and Credits

There's a new version here:

I'm trying to make a Super Mario Bros game. It's not gonna be a remake. I just use the sprites and sounds.

In version 8 there is a finish flag for the 1st level and after that the second level starts. I also added a launching platform (that's in level 2).

Feel free to remix and build a level yourself!

Future plans:

- add some comment to the code...
- other enemies
- new blocks (like the one with the question mark!)
- and more...

Credits for the sprites and sounds are for Nintendo. I found them here: and

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