InterXeptor 3D

by MrLog
See inside

go to here for less lag:

Ship controls:
up, down, left and right arrow keys to rotate the ship
A and D to roll the ship (double tap to barrel roll)
W to accelerate (double tap to boost)
S to move back
space to fire a laser
press P while playing to get at the options (see below)

at the moment, it's just to kill other ships. In future, there will be more things (trading, missions etc...)

Wireframe on/off
Resolution (slider)
Star count (slider)
Mouse control on/off
Invert Y controls on/off
Music on/off

Notes and Credits

* UPDATE * hi-scores cloud variables should be fixed now - so you have no excuse not to BEAT THE SCORES! :P
* UPDATE * bit of optimisation for lists, and now shows 8 hi-scores
* UPDATE * test music added (made by me) to see how it works, plus option to switch it off. It seems fine for me, but tell me your results anywayz :)
* UPDATE * keeps hi-score table (top 5) - uses 'username' block.

thank you.
This isn't nearly finished btw ;)

No, this isn't a lot of costumes :P
this is real 3D with surfaces + lighting etc. On Scratch.
Blame my dad for the over complicated stuff though--

I'm aware the frame rate isn't brilliant. But if you are struggling with lag, then switch to a different browser. Firefox works best for me. And try changing resolution slider in options (you can even choose wireframe) ^_^

thanks to orcacat and Zangooser for the typing engine, that I got inspiration from :)
Also, JTxt for the inspiration to allow pen saturation control.

Too many updates to say, but yeh. Most of the game speaks for itself. The options are a kind of makeshift thing atm.

But anyway, if you love it, do. This did take an awful lot of effort :P

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