Table Hockey

by Link888
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Highly recommended to be played in the phosphorus player!
(Switch to High Quality if you do)

Controls/How to Play:
Use your mouse to move the blue paddle and try to score as many goals as you can while protecting your own goal. The first to score 10 goals is the winner.

You can save a replay by clicking the floppy disk. You can watch your saved replay by clicking the clapperboard. However, doing so will end your current game.

Quality - the game is automatically set at low quality mode. High quality mode has higher resolution, more effects but may run with a lot of lag on most systems. If low quality is laggy, or you wish to play in high quality, go to
Sound - there is now an option to mute sounds! This may help the game run slightly smoother on slower systems.

If you are having trouble, try playing this easier version:

Notes and Credits

Part of the Link888 ELITE:

A remastered edition of one of my most popular projects, Table Hockey. With new aesthetics, graphics, 3D effects and even better gameplay, this is the definitive version of the project yet.

RHY for inspiration
SSBB for textures (from textures resource)
Cool-text for cool text
Gimp for stuff :P
All assembled by me

Apple for most sound effects
Scratch for arena change sound effect
Narrator is from SSBB (from sounds resource)

Cbcollab for paddle to puck collision
The rest is mine

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Test account @Blammer_the_Unicorn

Update Log:
Update (28/3/2016) v3.21:
+Added a sound option

Update (8/1/2016) v3.2:
+AI vastly improved! See if you can beat it now!

Patch (7/1/2016) v3.1:
+Fixed up and enhanced the capabilities of the replay engine
+Loading is now twice as fast

Patch (6/1/2016) v3.01:
+Engine updated! Most bugs should be fixed and the engine is much smoother and realistic! Huzzah!

Second Remaster (5/1/2016) v3.0:
+Massive graphics overhaul, with primarily Blender rendered graphics!
+Gameplay changes and enhancements
+Quality option - 'high' looks better, with more effects but may cause severe lag during gameplay
+HUD layout updated
-AI made slightly weaker
-Bugs may have remained unfixed
-Still only one arena

New in Remastered Edition (1/11/2015) v2.0:
+Paddles in glorious 3D
+Puck now has motion blur effects
+HUD and format updates
+Graphics updates
+Small gameplay changes and fixes
+Replays can now be saved at any time
+Territory statistics now show at the end of games
+AI now faster
-Only 1 arena (more coming soon)
-I haven't been able to fix the phantom paddle bug (sorry!)
-Red paddle lags in Saved Replay mode

Original Notes (10/3/2013):
Just a little game I decided to make. Complete with sound effects, 8 different fields and fun gameplay, I spent hours on this. So show your appreciation with a love-it.

I know there are glitches (e.g. puck and paddles are out of timing during replay) but they can't really be fixed. If you know how to fix them, feel free to comment.

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