Scratch Benchmark PRO (eXtremeMark 2016)

See inside
Notes and Credits

CPU Extreme Cloud Benchmark Pro 2016

This project measures the speed of your computer
Use mouse/arrow keys to navigate

Final score given in extreme-marks, the higher the better
See stage notes for more info

eXtremeMark 2015 (older)

--------------------------------- FAQ
Q: Does this benchmark test all of my CPU cores?
A: No, the official scratch client is single threaded (uses 1 core).

Q: How can I run this project on my ipad/iphone/ARM?
A: You can't officially because the official v2 scratch client requires flash player. You can however use unofficial project viewers (like phosphorous) but those will generate inflated scores.

Q: Why are scores using sulfurous/phosphorous higher?
A: Those viewers use html5+js instead of flash, and are therefore faster (by 10x or more) thanks to web browser optimizations

Q: Does this mean my ipad/iphone/ARM is faster than a desktop?
A: No, you cannot compare scores between the official (flash player) and html5 clients. If you want to compare cell phone & computer scores, test *both* on phosphorous.

Q: Does this project test the GPU?
A: No, this is a single core CPU benchmark. GPU acceleration (Stage3D) should not significantly improve your score.

Q: Why are the highscores no longer working?
A: Due to changes made in cloud variables sometime in Feb 2018, highscore lists across the website no longer function properly.

--------------------------------- Release Notes
For expanded change log, see stage notes inside project.
2018-01m-13d - 1.07b2_1002 - add FAQ to answer some questions
2016-05m-20d - 1.07b2 - reduce memory consumption
2016-04m-16d - 1.00 - initial release

--------------------------------- Credits
HPX Text engine based off work by gowen68 & codelegend
LZ Compression algorithm by LeadToGold
Circle animation by HeyJD
Thanks to -BlueSwirl- for the curation and Techno-CAT for suggesting

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