Quadratic Formula Calculator

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Simply type in a (real) number for A, B, and C when prompted to get an answer. That's it!

*B and C can be negative, but A cannot, as per algebraic rules!


The equation is 5x² + 6x + 1 = 0 (This is standard form Ax + By + C = 0 ).

A will be 5, B will be 6, and C will be 1. Enter these into the input box, and x will come out with two answers: -0.2 and -1.

**Currently only supports real integer and decimal answers! (Hopefully not for long!)**

Notes and Credits

This is a very simple quadratic formula calculator. I created it as a solution checker for Algebra.

It does not show the steps involved or how the answers are found; it only helps check if the final solutions are right. If you need something more in depth, I suggest looking it up.

I'd like to someday expand this to be an all-in-one geometry/trig/algebra formula calculator with things like the Pythagorean theorem and geometric/arithmetic patterns.

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