Not Coming Soon! D8 (read project notes?)

by Jesscookie
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Holy, it's been a month! I feel sorry for all my requesters now. By the way, I changed my mind. I will make a different video. It's still AC related, but alot simpler, and I should be able to finish it soon so I can get working on all your requests!

Mmhm. I'm currently working on an Assassin's Creed music video, because I felt like it. Here's a direct picture as a preview directly from what i have so far. I didn't shade at all in the animation so far, so it's not a very special and pretty picture. XD Also, this project will take a while. As working on this project has many pros about it, there is a few cons.

Since I will be concentrating on this project until it's done, things like requests will be delayed for a bit. You can request drawings, but don't expect it to come right away if it's before this project is done.

If for some reason you really, really need it by a specific time, don't be afraid to tell me, because I'll definitely work on it sooner if I have a picture requested that's somewhat important. Just notify me when the deadline should be, if you must. If you're a patient requester, then I appreciate the fact that I'm not being rushed.

Thanks for actually reading my project notes, heheh. Sorry, I talk ALOT. I'm really excited for this "music video", I don't know why, lol. The song for the animation is a secret! You won't know until you see it. o3o

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