Scratch Cat Splatoon v1.0

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Arrow keys -> Move Player
Space/Left Click -> Use Weapon (Note: for Sloshers you can only use the Spacebar)
When you click the flag the menu screen will come up. At the menu screen, choose your weapon and color. To test weapons or just get used to playing the game, do "Test Weapons" mode. If you want to start playing a real battle, choose "1v1 Regular Battle". When in a battle, keep an eye on your health and ink gauges. To refill ink, you must be in your own ink and not touching enemy ink.
Weapon Types:
1) Auto
A machine gun style weapon with fast firing, low ink spread, and usually heavy damage.
To use, simply hold down spacebar or left mouse to fire.
2) Sniper
A rifle-like weapon with unlimited range, high ink consumption, and high damage.They need to charge before firing.
Hold down spacebar or left mouse key until charged then release to fire.
3) Splattling
Basically a gattling gun that shoots ink.
Charge like the sniper type before firing, then release to shoot a burst of shots.
4) Blaster
Slow firing, large blast, high damage gun.
Hold down spacebar or left mouse to fire.
5) Slosher
A bucket o' ink. To use, push space.
You have to keep pushing space to do multiple shots.
6) Roller
A paint roller that spreads ink all over the place.
Hold down left mouse or space.
7) Inkbrush
A paintbrush with close range but high ink spread and damage.
Hold down left mouse or space.
Weapon List

T -> Type
S -> Ink Spread
D -> Damage
F -> Fire Rate

T: Auto
S: 9
D: 6
F: 2

N-Zap '79
T: Auto
S: 2
D: 6
F: 9

T: Auto
S: 3
D: 5
F: 9

Ink Pistol (This one you use like a slosher: each time you press space, you fire one shot. [You can't hold down space or push left mouse.])
T: Auto
S: 4
D: 8
F: 9

Mini Sniper
T: Sniper
S: 3
D: 8
F: 3

Speed Slosher
T: Slosher
S: 7
D: 7
F: 8

Heavy Slosher
T: Slosher
S: 6
D: 8
F: 6

Mini Splattling
T: Splattling
S: 4
D: 7
F: 7

Heavy Splattling
T: Splattling
S: 6
D: 8
F: 6

Luna Blaster
T: Blaster
S: 5
D: 8
F: 4

More weapons will be added in later versions. If you have art that I could use, remix the project and add the picture into the player sprite. You can delete the other costumes and other sprites if you want. Name the project "Weapon art: *weapon name(s)*". Then share the project and I'll take a look at it. I can't guarantee that I'll put it in the game, though.

My profile: @bluejay9502

Notes and Credits

I am working on this project and releasing a new version every 2-3 weeks or so, so check back often!

Any positive feedback will be appreciated, and also tell me any ideas for improvements you may have! Comment your favorite weapon in the comments also!

Weapon Credits:
Xplodershot - @munro7
Mini Sniper (Base) - @munro7
Ink Pistol - @BlackRaven1036

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