You've Been Framed!

See inside

Press space to switch the scene you are in! Switch between 9 different scenes!

If you don't have a webcam, this won't work.

My favorites are the photographer and the people washing the windows.

Notes and Credits

The second You've Been Framed is out with 5 new frames!

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I'm going to add about 5 more later. I'm working on a second version of this project but it is a little different.

This is my first official project since the release of the beta!

I worked really hard on this so I'd really like if you guys could give me some feedback via comments, love its, ext.

Have fun with the 9 different scenes I have added and have your face on many different screens!

I'm probably going to add even more pictures.

Credit to YouCam for providing the images for it. There were some more that I got a while ago but I didn't like them as much. It is a program that came with my computer.

I made this by using many layers and cutting out the screens. I wanted to make it look realistic still so I created transparent layers on top of all of these with the real image so it looks more realistic :)

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