Magnavox Odyssey Revisited: Game 4 (Cat & Mouse + Haunted House)

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Cat & Mouse...can the clever mouse elude the cantankerous cat? A hilarious electronic addition game of hide and seek. (For 2 or more players.) PLAY: Play begins when one player counts aloud to three. The mouse must try to get to the blue square in the lower right hand corner (Mouse House) without getting caught. Neither the cat nor the mouse are able to touch the blue squares. The mouse light disappears if the cat light touches it. SCORING: The numbers marked on the ends of the rows and columns are point values for the mouse. Wherever the mouse is caught, you combine the row and column points for the mouse (10 + 6 = 16 pts.) The mouse does not earn points if he is caught in an unmarked spot. The game ends when each player had three turns as the mouse. The one with the most points is the winner.

Haunted House...the ghost hunter gropes in the dark, as he works his way trying to eliminate a ghost. (For 2 or more players.) PLAY: The person playing the ghost hunter closes his eyes while the ghost hides in a sneaky spot out of the ghost hunter's sight. Once hidden, the hunter can open his eyes and go into the house, starting from the main entrance. SCORING: The turn ends once the ghost has been caught. The game ends when both players has three turns as the ghost. The points are accumulated based on how long it takes for the hunter to capture the ghost, how counts by seconds. The person with the least total points wins.

Notes and Credits

Magnavox Odyssey (C) 1972-2014 Ralph Baer + Magnavox Consumer Electronics.

Magnavox Odyssey Revisited (C) 2013-2014 Fan-AngryBirds Inc.

W, S, A and D to move Mouse/Ghost Dot.
Arrow keys to move Cat/Hunter Dot.
O to add Cat & Mouse overlay.
H to add Haunted House overlay.
T to remove overlay.
Space bar to reset dot

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