Magnavox Odyssey Revisited: Game 1 (Table Tennis)

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Table Tennis...the basic Odyssey game that develops your electronic coordination

Both players use their controls to position themselves on the far side of the screen on each side of the white line. The player displayed on the right hand side of the screen is controlled by the arrow keys. Conversely, the left player is controlled by the W, S, A and D keys. Each player must stay on his own side of the net. To begin play, press the Space bar to send the ball into flight. Try to bounce the ball off the opponent's side of the screen to earn a point. The first with 15 points wins. NOTE: You must keep track of points yourself. To add a Tennis overlay, press the O key. To remove it, press the T key.

Notes and Credits

Magnavox Odyssey (C) 1972-2014 Ralph Baer + Magnavox Consumer Electronics Inc.

Magnavox Odyssey Revisited (C) 2013-2014 Fan-AngryBirds Inc.

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