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A nice game of Pictionary Telephone. Click the title to begin.

I created an online version of the game Pictionary Telephone. To start, one player comes up with a secret phrase, something like "hello world" or "tonight, we dine like kings." The next player has to draw a picture that represents the phrase. The third player only sees the drawing, and they have to write a phrase describing it. The game continues, with each player writing a phrase or drawing an image - only able to view the turn right before them. At the end, all the drawings and phrases are revealed; because drawings can be interpreted differently, the final phrase is often hilariously wrong.

My brother brought the game to my family over the holidays, and we all had so much fun playing with pencil and paper that I wanted to create an online version - it saves paper, and it's easy to enforce the rules (no peeking!).

What I like best about my program is the feature that allows players, once the game has ended, to watch the progression of drawings and phrases. It's really funny to see how a phrase like "This is an important client" can turn into "Poseidon, king of the bush people." Incidentally, this feature was also the most challenging part of creating Pictionary Telephone - I had to replicate each player's hand-drawn image at the end of the game. In order to do this, I kept a list of pixels, divided up so that the program can tell when to stop drawing each image.

Notes and Credits

Here's where I got my general idea of how to save drawings: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/77136/

Music is Snowdin Town from Undertale:

All graphics, and the rest of the code, is mine.

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