Pacman HD with full Ghost AI (Scratch 2)

See inside

Working on a Pacman clone :) - Don't worry about the initially blank screen - the level will load up when you click the Green Flag.

Use the arrow keys to navigate - You can press the direction before you reach a turn and Pacman will attempt to turn when he reaches it.

Notes and Credits

Updated to use the new scratch 2 blocks for speed (still more to do there), and used clone to create the 4 ghosts using just one sprite. The moving elements of the game are now also all re-scalable vector graphics, so they look good big!

The good thing about this version of Pacman is that I have programmed the four ghosts with the real personalities that they had in the original arcade game. Each one has it's own intelligent rules which it uses to try to trap Pacman in the maze (yes, they actually work as a team!)

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