What Youth are Saying about Scratch

I like Scratch better than blogs or social networking sites like Facebook because we’re creating interesting games and projects that are fun to play, watch, and download. I don’t like to just talk to other people online, I like to talk about something creative and new. - 13-year-old

My 8-year-old brother and I have been active participants of the Scratch Online Community for over a year. I enjoy designing and programming games and animations with other kids, because different people have different skills, and when you work together, you can build a much better project than you can alone. - 13-year-old

Making games is something I've always thought would be fun, but I didn't want a really complex programming language. In the beginning, even Scratch seemed complex, but after sticking with it for a while, I've been able to make some amazing games. And the fact that you can share projects so easily makes it even better. Scratch is awesome! - 17-year-old

Using a set of about 100 commands that can be snapped together visually, you can create just about anything and learn the fundamentals of more advanced languages. In addition, there's a whole community of people online who will give you feedback on our projects, and gladly help you with your questions. - 14-year-old