Creative Characters Camp

Creative Characters Camp is an online event from July 7 to 28 for everyone in the Scratch Community. Create a project with sprites that others will want to use and submit your project to the Camp Cabin studio. We will celebrate the end of the camp by opening a Scratch Design Studio that will encourage everyone to use your sprites!

How to participate


July 7 - 21


Decide who to work with

You can chose to work by yourself or in a group of any size.
If you want to work with others, you can find collaborators in the Camp Cabin studio or the Collaboration forum.

Imagine your sprites

Think of what kind of sprites you want to make. They could be creatures in the ocean, dancers at a party, or instruments in a rock band, or anything else you can imagine.
Check out the projects in the example studio for more ideas.

Create your sprites

Create at least three sprites with at least three costumes each. You can start from scratch or remix costumes from the Sprite Library or from other Scratchers projects — but make sure to add your own ideas and give credit!
Think about what kind of costumes your sprite needs — what different emotions or actions might be useful and fun? Check out the sprites in this studio for inspiration.

Add your scripts

Give each of your sprites at least one script. For example, you could use your scripts to animate you sprite, make it move around the stage, or even make it fly!
Make your scripts so that it's easy for Scratchers to use the sprites in their projects. You can put comments on your scripts to make it clear how to use them.

July 21


Submit your draft project

Paste a link to the project with all your sprites in the Camp Cabin studio. A Camp Counselor will then add it to the studio.

July 21 - 28


Give feedback to other Campers

Try out the projects other Campers made. Try putting their sprites in your backpack and using them. Tell them what you like and give them suggestions.

Improve your project

Work on improving your sprites and making them easier to reuse. Think about the feedback you got from other Campers and the Camp Counselors.
Try putting your sprites into your own backpack and dragging them into a new project to see what it's like.

Update your Notes and Credits

Thank everyone who contributed to your project and gave you useful feedback. Explain that you made these sprites for everyone in the Scratch community to use!

July 28


Submit your final project

Paste a link to your project to the final project studio and a Camp Counselor will add it!

Week of July 28th



To celebrate the end of Camp, we'll open up a Scratch Design Studio and ask everyone in the community to make projects using your sprites!

Getting around camp

Camp Cabin studio: The main studio for camp. Comment here to ask questions, find collaborators, hang out, submit your initial draft, and see what other Campers make.
Example studio: If you'd like some inspiration for your project, check out the projects in this studio.
Collaboration forum: You can use this forum to collaborate with your group.
Final project studio (Opening July 28): When you feel your project is ready to be used by the Scratch Community, leave a link in this studio.


What kind of project do we need to make?
The idea is to make sprites based on a theme that other Scratchers can drag into their backpacks and use. Make at least 3 sprites, with 3 costumes and 1 script each, and then share them in a project. Check out the projects in this studio if you'd like some inspiration.
Do my sprites have to be people or animals?
Any creative sprites that other Scratchers can use are allowed! This includes spaceships, flowers, and sky scrapers — not just people and animals.
Do we need to work in groups?
We encourage you to work in groups, but you may work individually if you want.
Do I have to be a Scratcher to be a Camper?
Nope! Everyone in the Scratch community is welcome.
What if I am not available for the whole camp?
It's okay — you can still participate. It may be a good idea to work in collaboration with Campers who will be available when you are not.
Who's helping with the camp?
Our Camp Counselors are CrazyNimbus, lauraisawsome, -PRO-, and venomous-squirrel. Feel free to ask them questions about camp! Some of the Scratch Mentors and members of the Scratch Team are helping as well.