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Ahir-Charu music

Hi there!

I like to compose music…and so I've decided to open up a Scratch Shop with the now banned user ahirbhairav (who's also my younger brother)…I compose and he does all the recording and programming on GarageBand…it's open every Saturday & Sunday and you can request pieces throughout the weekdays….so go ahead! Request away!

Stop Bullying!: A Scratchumentary is in PRE-PRODUCTION! WOOHOO!

Yes, I am aware of the fact that the username is “ahirbhairav”, but I was too lazy to create an account so I decided to go ahead and use Ahir's.
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Ahir-Charu music

I need help with spirites and all that stuff I .want to make somespirite battles can you give me some advise from skipingstone123

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