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I got multiple suggestions that i hope to be added in scratch

blanks ones are self explanatory

( unjoin from ) it removes x from y, for example ( unjoin from ) it would output (ing)
( number from ) outputs the numbers in the input ignoring text and symbols
( project name )
( right mouse down? )
( key pressed ) outputs key pressed

second it is for remixes ( I love being able to share ideas and stuff that can help others but I hate people stealing and breaking the game )
plz add a toggle to allow see inside without modifying stuff you could add things into the backpack it's just to prevent others from ruining the fun by changing or modifying stuff to gain advantage against other players in multiplayer games
also plz remove the file tab in remixes it allows players to remix without giving credits it's stealing
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[ Suggestions ]

1. this is not the suggestions forum, this is the requests forum. i know requests kinda mean the same thing as suggestions, but this isn’t that type of requests. go to the suggestions forum here: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/1/
2. no lists of suggestions, it will probably be hard to tell which suggestion someone is talking about if they were talking about separate suggestions in the same topic, it is recommended to do separate posts for each suggestion.
3. the see inside without modifying stuff is rejected, it is encouraged to remix others projects so you can get ideas on how to use scratch.

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[ Suggestions ]

first of all you could remix it but removes download to keep the credits and I dont think scratch supports stealing a game and crediting yourself that you made it and also remixing without modifying or changing stuff a bit cuz I see a report reason with exactly same project and my idea is that the main game uploaded cant be modified but allows backpacking and does st read the suggestions forum just curious

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