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–The Dusk Federation–
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For Non-Shop-Owners
This is a small, simple Federation designed to help small shops grow, by advertising them and helping them. You can help out the shops by visiting our partnerships or sponsors page and making an order. Make sure to abide by the shops rules. It would also be very helpful if you let the shop staff know that
you came from this page to help promote us : )

For shop-owners
If you are an owner of a small shop you would like to make more popular, you can apply for a sponsorship or partnership in our forms section. This will help your shop grow, with more users and orders. If you want to get a partnership, please read the rules and make sure you do what they say if you would like to obtain a partnership. Sponsors can be obtained after you have a partnership. You have to wait for a week before getting sponsored. Once you have waited head over to the forms section and fill out the form.

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