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What if.

what will happen if scratch hit 1 bill projects
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What if.

Nothing would change besides the number of projects.

| bobcat0701/Caleb | He/they | Speedrunner | Professional Short Person (5'1") |
| Forumer | Nintendo collector | Bisexual |

| Notebook/The Ramblings of a Mad Man | Photography | Wiki Userpage/Better About Me | Give Me Internets |

If you're down here you probably either have an extension or are looking for something.

Here's an expanded about me I guess:

-Caleb/bobcat0701 He/They
-Nintendo Collector
-Professional short person
-Pasta addict

Some accomplishments;
100 forum posts (January 2021)
500 forum posts (February 2021)
1000 forum posts (February 2022)
Joined TFH (October 2023)
Promoted to TFH manager (December 2023)
Tied for second place in TFH host election (April 2024)

Current primary devices (I have a few more that I collect)
Phone: Blue Titanium iPhone 15 pro
Tablet: Purple iPad mini 6th generation
Computer: Cheap HP laptop thing
Gaming Systems: Wii U deluxe set, Black new 3ds xl, White Nintendo Switch oled
Music player: Pink ipod nano 6th generation

If you're down here comment “forumers be like” on my profile
1000+ posts

What if.

From my careful predictions that I have been calculating for 3 whole years, spent thousands of dollars on and have stayed up at night doing; it'll have 1 billion projects.

Fresh bread…
Cool Roleplay Thing
Nyx is in your floorboards.
The ST does a really good job and try their absolute best.
I am a GameMaker dev who used to use Scratch. I'm still on here but won’t be making large projects.
I am going to forever be remembered as a cat boy on the forums aren’t I?

Here is art things


1000+ posts

What if.

There will probably be a lot more generic platformers.

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What if.

thx ppl

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