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tornado code

when I start as a clone
repeat (190)
change y by (3)
turn cw (((speed) + (0)) / (2)) degrees
change [ghost v] effect by (0)
if <[large] = [1]> then
change size by (0.5)

change size by (0)


delete this clone

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tornado code

Hello! It's great that you want to help out other Scratchers. However, I think we have enough guides in the forums at the moment. Please feel free to welcome new Scratchers on the group welcoming topic or on individual topics created by New Scratchers.

Other places that can always use more helpful Scratchers like you, are the "Help With Scripts“ and ”Questions About Scratch" areas - please use them as designed, by responding to topics created by folks with problems to solve

Finally, a really good place for Scratch guides is the Scratch Wiki - check it out and see if it's something you might like to work on. They have a number of guides - and great organization.

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