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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Scratch team,
If I was curator I would pick Simple projects or complex projects, But none from my friends. That would be slightly unfair. I already have a few possible projects in my favorites.. I would try not to pick any Non functional projects or projects from users that have already been featured. I would pick simple projects with not a whole lot of views or love its. UNder 60 views and under 6 love its would probably be my guideline. I've been scratching since september, but I got an account in december. I love to scratch, and I have never been frontpaged. I want others to find the joy in realizing that they were fontpaged. I mean, when I get one message, a stream of joy runs hrough my gut, so what about 30? I would pick projects that were simple or complex, games or art, new or old (basically saying, a variety.). I really like animations and things people put time into. NOt just with scripting, but with graphics. A few of these just have awesome scripting, VS. awesome graphics. I like both.I would curate some of these:

Thanks, and I hope you pick me as curator! I'm reposting this!

PS This is my 101st post! As for being helpful on the site, I help people out TONS! on the forums and on the site itself!!!

This made me cry. NO!!! NOT THE BOW TIE!!!
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hi Scratch team .

I would like go be a curator a lot because i have seen many AWESOME projects that people should see and i have made a project with over 1000 scripts that only has like 17 views ( http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11080604/ ) views so i know how annoying it is to make something really cool and nobody to see it . The sort of projects that i would curate if i was chosen would be projects that deserve to be seen (i.e. projects that hours and possibly days of hard work were put into) , fun & funny projects , completely awesome projects and everybody says educational projects ( presumably , in hope for favour ) but i would rather curate projects that combine fun and intelligence , i would pick simple but yet cool .
So , for some examples of what i would curate is …

http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11375046/ because there was a lot of work put into this .
http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11328072/ because again there was a lot of work put into this .
http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/10779719/ because this is an awesome game that my friend showed me .
http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11295950/ because its really cool and its a version of an old original .
http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11349635/ because its AWESOME !!!
http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/2101646/ because its so cool and fun and i think people would like this .
http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11397171/ because really , who doesn't like nyan cat .

So , please please please bestow the honour of being s curator on me .
Sincerely Masaking10

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hello scratch team! I would be interested in becoming a curator for two weeks.
Sorta been a lifelong dream *fangirl squeal*

I used to be on my account named yumbacon, you may remember me trying to become curator a couple times before, both attempts failed. I feel as if those failiures have helped me improve accept, and I'm ready to try again!

I love making people feel good, and helping them become more well known. I'm well known now, but I didn't use to be, and I hated that feeling. When people get their projects curated, they get a small boost in fame, it seems, and I feel that would help them develop and feel better about themselves. I love helping people and making them smile. I feel if I was a curator, I'd spread a little bit of happiness with each project I clicked the little star =3

I go on every single day, so I will be able to update the projects I curate often. I would curate projects if someone asks me and I feel it is a good project. I would also sometimes curate projects I liked even if the person did not ask. If they did not want their project to be curated, I would uncurate it. I would also curate New Scratcher's projects whom seemed like promising people, and would help them get a kick start in that fashion.

I do, however, have a few rules and limitations for projects I would not curate.

-You must have made the project in the last week. If you made it before that, you can add an update to it and I would reconsider.
-I'm ok with a bit of blood, but not too much. And if it did have blood, I'd ask them to put a reasonable warning in the notes, so sensitive people and children under the age of 8 could turn away.
-The project must not have more than 10 love-its, favorites, or more than 50 views already.
-I would not curate you if you were already pretty well known.
-The project must not be remixed from another person.

There are also things I would like to curate the most. I am pretty willing to curate most projects, but these are the types I'd want to the most.
-Animations, I love animating.
-Art dumps (a collection of art), assuming the art was good enough.
-Fun games.
-Educational projects.

I am not very biased and would not necessarily curate my friend's projects if they did not ask.

Over all, I wish to be a curator one of these days. I always wanted to be one, and it would make me very happy, because I would make happiness.
Thank you for your time, and please consider me.
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage


I am very interested in being a curator. I would like to advance projects that break new ground or are great for showing others how to use scratch. I have four main criteria I would use to select project.
1) Demonstrates 2.0 features. In particular, I love clones. Many of the projects similar to ones in my studio http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/216105/ would be good candiates.
2) Elegance of the code
3) How self documenting the code is through comments, variable names, use of blocks
4) Relatively new scratchers that haven't gotten any visibility (I do realize this one may be contradictory to some of my other criteria, but wouldn't it be great to find some).

I am relatively new to the community myself (1 year). I have offered advice on how to improve dozens of projects I have run across. I have had 5 projects make the front page, including my most challenging effort which hit the WHAT THE COMMUNITY IS LOVING today http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11307926/

Thanks for your consideration

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

I'd like to help curate the Scratch page. I would post fun, addicting games and cool animations. I would feature some unknown things if someone posted a really good one. I would post fun RPG projects and other things.

This is Blackjack, Mad Pink and Moonfire on scratch! Come check out our projects!
If you have time, please enter this!
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear ST, I would love to be a curator.

Projects which I would choose as a curator would (or will) be projects which would really show everyone inspiration on making their own original and great game. I would also curate projects which show the diversity of Scratch, and the different people within the community.
This Project Shows a great example of the diversity in Scratch by showing that this person enjoys art, While THIS shows how this person enjoys creating creative games which are simple yet at the same time, extremely fun. (note: im not saying ill curate either of these projects, im simply saying they make good examples.) A great theme of projects i would curate is: Diverse, Creative, Simple yet fun. Exaample: the Omnipen (using it as an example again) shows a great theme of creativity, and the impossible game shows a great example of a simple, yet very fun game. and both of these projects are qute diverse in their own way.

I would also curate projects which have under 25 love-its, and less than 500 views. also the projects cannot be remixes, UNLESS part of a collab where it hows that the person has made drastic changes within the code.

I hope you consider me, and thanks for taking your time to read through this
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hello! I'm D-Man9293. I have been on Scratch for about eight months now and I decided to try for curator again. Now, it's not like I mind trying out, I actually like thinking up these speeches, but so many people have tried out, and only 107 people have succeeded. But I'm not applying for my own satisfaction, I'm applying to help other people have their projects noticed. I mean, someone might spend about four months on a project. It has over a thousand scripts. But for some reason, no one notices it. But what if a curator sees it. Then it gets more popularity than some of the featured projects! Maybe I could be the first to see one of these. If I'm not the curator, no one will ever see the project except for me. I would want them to get the love-its, not have them leave Scratch for good!

My project Ninja Ball was curated in June by jvvg, and that got me onto what the community is remixing! DJ-Stickman got me to what the community is loving with Wall Jump! And then sits a project, floating in cyberspace, no one looking, no one caring. This project, floating in cyberspace, happens to be titled: “The Force?!?!” by SnowLeopardNP. In The Force!?!? the basic entirity of the game is a little stickman who moves a box around using the force. You control the box by clicking and dragging it. If you touch the box to the stickman, it's game over. It's a fun, addictive little game that, if you look inside, is a good way to illustrate the simplicity of Scratch to beginners.

Another fun project is PokeBalls Beta by giratina12. And no, it's not about throwing them at pokemon. Instead, you have creatures called pokeballs, and then you get transformed into one. It has RPG style battling, but it movement scripts like my games I mentioned earlier. You get to choose who you play, and once you do, you can battle with more pokeballs, and try to get stronger. It's actually more fun than it sounds!

One last unnoticeable project I've noticed is called Yoda, by Wonk. In this challenging game, you play as Yoda, and you have to ward off a huge horde of battle droids using your lightsaber and the force(surprise!). The more droids you destroy, the more points you get. Just be careful: these aren't the flimsy guys they were in The Phantom Menace. These dudes will cost Yoda some health if he touches them. They come from both sides of the screen, so you have to be quick and alert. Just as addictive as The Force?!?!, this game deserves the attention.

Those aren't even all the projects I'd curate. There are TONS of great animations out there deserving the attention. But some projects out there, I couldn't curate. These are those with major violence, blood and gore, and other adult junk that doesn't belong on Scratch. Also, if a project has more than 200 views, I wouldn't curate it. Same with about 15 loves and favorites. They already have enough popularity and don't need to be curated. If a project has been on the front page before, I wouldn't curate it either. But I would try to update the projects that were up every 2-3 days, so each one has enough time to have its popularity time on the front. I would let others suggest projects too, so I could curate a bunch. And once my two weeks were done, I'd make a studio about the projects I would have curated but had no time to! I think I would like to make these scratchers happy!

So that's my speech! I thank you if you read the whole thing, and Scratch Team, please consider me. Even if you don't give me the job, I won't care. Some people like DJ-Stickman and jvvg only tried once. This is my 9th try, and I'll keep on trying a hundred times if I don't get the job. I don't care how long it takes to get the job, it's fun to write these out. This may be my last speech for all I know, but I just want to recognize certain projects like the aforementioned. Many may never be noticed, so I want to notice them!
Thank you for reading this. I appreciate it. D-Man9293.

Actually, I never thought about it before. All the Muppets are left-handed.
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

i'm quakenxt,
i'm learning code like C# and Java,
in my free time i code with scratch,
I am intrested to be a Curator; my games are like that
this i think is the best one http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/10892456
on this i've worked a lot http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11116358
and this was my first game ever!! http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/3135860
I really Hope to be a curator.

P.S.(sorry if I did some grammatical error: i'm not english)

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hello Scratch Team,

I've been apart of the Scratch community for 5+ years, and I've seen a ton of change. There are so many great projects on the website, and the innovation that people create is phenomenal. I would like to be the curator because i want to show off some of the amazing innovations that rarely become noticed, but are brilliant. A long time ago i attempted to do this in a different way, by posting “News” projects with different projects i thought were deserving. So now i want to be the curator to show off some of these amazing projects.

Most projects i look at are games, that is my specialty and the kind of project i like. There are so many games which new technical innovation pushing Scratch to the limits that haven't been seen, or even a simple project with a great idea or story-line. So most of the projects i would curate would be games, except for maybe a random project every once in a while that is deserving. I would want to choose projects under at least 100 - 200 views, and i would also take community suggestions. I've even started a Studio for projects that people think are deserving of being curated.

Thank You for reading, and i hope you choose me to be the curator.

Scratcher for 5+ years. Fairly advanced.
Currently working with C++ and C#, also have a lot of general programming language.
Need help? Send me a message or comment on one of my scratch projects.
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

I'd like to be a curator because there are many AMAZING- But unrecognized- projects. I'll give them a chance to have a bite of the cake of fame!

“Hilbert! You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Wonderful dreams and ideals give you the power to change the world! If anyone can, it's you! Hilbert! Well, then… Farewell!” ~ N
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Here's My Form:

Sometimes I See That A Project I Loved, But Nobody Else Did.
It's Not Too Often, But When it happens, It Doesn't Feel Right.

My Favorite Kind of projects are:

-1-Line Animations

When These “Scratchers” Create Their Projects, They Expect people To See Their Projects.

But That's Where Curation Steps in.

With Curators, Revolutionary Or Unique Projects Are Displayed To The Community In The Curator Row.

That Makes Scratchers=Happy.

Back to normal.
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team,
I have wanted to be a curator as soon as I saw what cool projects were out there and they weren't getting noticed. I myself have worked hard on projects that get little views, but I look at my friends list and see they have made games with just as much effort and they aren't noticed. Some games I would curate are:
-Challenging games that haven't been noticed.
-Animations that have humor
-Themed games
-Helpful guides in project form
I would greatly appreciate if I became a curator. I have helped answer some scratchers question, made helpful project, answered questions on Lightnin's page, and told other scratchers how great their games are. If I became the curator then the whole community could see how great these games are. Please consider, and thank you for reading.
A faithful scratcher, giratina12

Hello! If you need help, just ask me on my homepage! I am good with quite a few things, and I can be a good friend!
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

I have probably not been using scratch as long as others who are applying to be curator, but I would be greatly honored if you chose me for that job. When I first found scratch i used it to learn basic programming skills, but i have come to love the community, the projects and the joy of letting others see what you made.

these are the thing I will try to curate:
  • inspiring, creative, fun games.
  • funny, nonviolent, smooth animations.
  • realistic, good, interesting simulators.
  • and other projects that I think are worth being front paged.
these are the things I will try not to curate:
  • violent, bloody projects.

  • remixes that have not added much.

  • uncreative.

  • previously front paged.

  • already famous.

  • less than 70 blocks( unless it is an animation ).

  • my own projects.

so that's it.

thank you for reading ST
- Z-demensions

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear scratch team,
A while ago I applied to be a curator on the front page. My “speech” was short and lazy. I hope that you will find this better than the first speech.
I have always wanted to be a curator as soon as I joined way back about 13 months ago. But I never figured out how to apply. Now that I know how, here we go. I have made 143 projects on scratch and look forward to making more. One thing I love to do is just go through the most recently shared projects and just see what they're about. Sometimes there great and I find great projects like this http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11325771/ . Every time I go through that most recently shared bar I find another fantastic project made in this great program! It's a shame that none of these (and more) projects ever get many views. The scratch community really should check these projects out but these great projects are hard to find if you're not looking.

Here are a few of the other games I would curate. http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/2767262/ http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/10926985/. The reason I would curate the computer-3.9 is because it is such a diverse OS with great content. Also it allows you to import app like this http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/2782214/ into the first project and then run it! Amazing! The reason I would curate Mission 13 is because it is such an engaging, fun yet complex game it must be front paged no doubt. These are only handful of the great games that I would curate and I can't wait to find out which other games will be on the list.

Now before I continue I have to set some rules for projects I curate. It can't have over 80 views, 20 love-its or 20 favorites. The reason for this rule is because if a project is already popular than I don't think it should be front paged. (there may be some exceptions) I've never had a project front paged. But my friends have. They were so happy, and I want other scratchers to fell that too.
I really hope you'll consider me. It would be a true honor to help other scratchers succeed!

Sincerely -geeggeeg

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team,

I am fairly new to Scratch, although I have just gained the Scratch position, and would like to become a curator for the front page. Of course I know this is a huge responsibility, something not everyone can do successfully, but I am very confident of stepping up and taking on a role of a curator.

Everyday, thousands of projects are shared with the Scratch Community so others can remix, enjoy and comment on their work, and I bet more that 50% of the owners are hoping that their project would get noticed, whatever standard it is. Sadly, this just isn't happening for some. It is dismaying to see a project of significant time and effort poured into a project which people seem to avoid. This is a fact of life, and cannot be changed, of course it can be a game of luck. I know so many Scracther's declare this, but if I was a curator, I would change this, at least I'll try.

There are plenty of gifted Scratchers out there who can make advanced projects which look very appealing to the average Scratch user. But I don't only look at good graphics, I look at the Scratcher's background (has he/she in any case had any attention), what they are trying to demonstrate to the viewer and what is the message left. I examine this because this supports, in my opinion, if the project is worthy of being curated.

One of my projects had been curated, I didn't know (but I was suspicious when I saw I had 51 messages), I found a comment reading: ‘Congrtaz on da curate!’ My whole body filled with excitement and pleasure, it was almost a life changing day. This time I had the joy of knowing others are enjoying my game just as much as me and my brothers do. I know the triumph of being curated, I feel it in my heart that I want to return the favor to the outstanding Scratch community.

In conclusion, I am a Scratcher who will take his utter most care and time to select projects designed and created by a huge range of Scratchers with different backgrounds. I can be relied on and without fail I will get the job done, and ignore politely (and report) inappropriate projects that will not stand a chance of feature,

Yours Faithfully
- WASDgamer
- WASD for short

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A 3D Space role-playing game, where you can mine, explore and fight your way through a massive galaxy!
New to Scratch
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

ever since I started scratch I have wanted to be curator! Scratch is one of my most favorite things to do, I love exploring peoples imagination and viewing there dreams. I think curator is an brilliant idea, someone who finds these masterpieces and show them off saying “Look what you've missed!” I have been curated 4 I have seen many great projects that should be featured/curated, and I would like to do that for the creator. If I was given the honor of being curator,

Thanks from mr chocolate
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team and everyone that might want to read this post:
We, CompuNerds Inc., are a group of 6 Scratchers:
-JJKiller -Arquemacho -Tanker31 -Drasour -Artist:-) -Anonimus.
We have been working alone for over a year, but we combined forces and created CompuNerds about 4 months ago. We have tried to put good proyects that really show either the easy it is to program in Scratch, or the great things you can do, or both. We even had a proyect(http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/10668180/) Curated by Orcacat.

We still have all our lifes to go, as our age average is 12 years, but we ae gonna have programing lessons soon, and most of our members are anxious to program and are looking for a way to learn C,Java, etc., but we thought that we could help the unknown get noticed and get some happy faces on the Scratchers that we curate. Besides, we are from Colombia, so we speak spanish, naturally, and english(Drasour speaks english naturaly). We could help proyects from both sides get noticed.

We Would curate well made proyects that have the look of being made for a while, and that the Scratcher was trying to do right:
-Multiplayer games
-Games that come in spanish (Not explisitly)
-Music games
-Animations with good graphics and a story
-Proyects with less than 150 visits
-Art proyects that have a purpose
And more..
If you need a proof that we can speak spanish, just comment on our profile: http://scratch.mit.edu/users/CompuNerds/

We love you Scratch team, and hope to one day, be prt of ST, and go to the MIT.
Hope you take out Scratch 3.0, and Scratch 2.0 to download.

Please add us
CompuNerds Team

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hey ST! I'm Tierage, as my username suggests, and I am a long-time Scratcher on a new account! I look at a lot of projects across the Scratch from Operating Systems to tutorials to remixers, and I always find the shiny projects that stand out, the educational projects for helping New Scratchers, and projects that create new ones in their trees of remixing! Over all of these projects, I could pick out the best to curate on the home page for the two weeks, and even find projects with quality, yet with a weak view count. That is, if you choose me as curator.


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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hi scratch team or anyone really as you can see i have only been on scratch for like a mounth i am always cheaking in everyday hoping to see new things or to add new things i would happy to curate best luck to who ever wins -kitzykk
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear, scratch

My forum posts have not always been right, not that they were innapropriate, but some were in the wrong place, and others were for a good cause, but were deleted because the cause was not needed. I like to help people and make them happy, and I want to do more on scratch, I want to be the guy who features a project and reads about how happy the creator of the project is that his/her project was so good that it was featured, I want to be the person to make the person gleeful, and I don't care whether they know I featured it or not, I just want people to feel like they belong on scratch, and I know that you probably feel like I can just do that anytime, but I can't, I have only certain times to make a person jump with glee. I want to do it now, and to prove that I don't want to be a curator JUST to feature my projects, I promise not to feature any of my own projects, and if I do, kick me off of being a curator! Just please, this would mean a LOT to me to be a curator. Man, I don't even think any of my projects are feature worthy, so please, just think about it.

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