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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch team

As you know I am zeeshan7890 and I want to be a curator and Ive been on scratch 2 years but I used the old version before now I use this version . I want to be a curator Ever since I joined scratch my uncle help me in scratch so if you choose me to be a curator I will be friendly and kind ill comment often too ill give good feedback and tell them what they need to do if the project is good and people like it and I took time to make ill curate it. ill answer all the questions I got and messages. I wont only curate ill tell some confused people what to do and what scratch is and in my school I am
the best in scratch. if people say look at this please ill say what's your reason and what is this game about .if people ask me how you do things ill tell them I will always reply. I ll always tell you if im not active for a time of period by the way I always go on scratch ill be careful and curate and ill curate 10 project maximum a week. ill be reliable

your sincerely zeeshan7890 and I hope you choose me ill prove that I can do these thing when when gre
when green flag clicked

say [well done your a curator for 2 years]

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hello again, this is my 3rd application for the position of curator, you should check out my first two forum posts as well.

Just to start off I would like to thank you in advance for looking at my post.

Why do I want to be curator?
Honestly, I would like to be curator because I like the feeling of helping people out and I think that being curator will help people that don't have many reviews on their projects become better scratchers because of the ideas people will have for updates in their project.

Why should you choose me?
This is probably the question that I have struggled with the most in my past posts, but I have come back ready to answer it.
I would be a good curator because I love scratch and I spend at least half or more of my time on scratch trying to find those good projects, the projects that give you a goal to live up to in scratch.~ Of course I am programming on scratch, too~ I feel I would be a good curator because I really want it so in turn if it is given to me, I will spend 100% of my time on scratch preparing, finding those projects until my turn has come. That would be the soul purpose of my week before it is my turn to serve, for that week I would spend all my free time on scratch trying to find the diamond in the rough projects.

What type of projects would I curate?
I would curate projects that give a happy, fun vibe, which I believe scratch is really all about. I would curate projects that have low amounts of views but still have that professional feeling that the more popular users show in their projects. The projects would be unique, something that has never been seen on scratch before. In 2 words I would describe as the types of projects I would curate are professional and unpopular. Why am I choosing unpopular projects you may ask? This is because every scratcher has room to improve, but not every scratcher gets enough comments to really help improve their “scratchily” (scratch and ability).

Thank you so much for reading, I really do hope that you choose me but if you don't I still want everyone to…
Scratch On!!!

Extra, here is my last forum post
I have applied for curator before but I don't think I got my full message across, so here I go again.
set [Application v] to [#2]

The curator position has made many peoples lives on scratch change hugely. I would really like to join that process of changing peoples lives. It doesn't only just make the user happy it also gives the user good feedback on their project that they wouldn't get otherwise, they become a better scratcher from it and it helps them prepare for becoming a better programmer in the future. (As I've realized from recently being curated by @dragonturnip)

Why should you choose me? You should choose me because I want to give new and unpopular scratchers their chance to shine and feel like they are really a part of scratch. Now focusing on the “me” portion because I am sure people say that first part plenty of times. I believe I am a helpful scratcher that helps other scratchers out when they need help. For example one person asked “How can I make a platform game?” so I made a project that taught them how and why you put these different scripts on your project. But I'm not applying for this job for myself I'm applying for it. For all the people I can help, and this leads me into my next portion, what types of projects would I curate?

I would curate projects that have under 50 loves and the users have less than 50 followers. The types of projects I would look for are unique projects that show a different side of scratch. I would curate different types of projects, games, simulations, animations etc… The projects would give new scratchers the feeling of “keep on going”, “I hope I can be that good at scratch” and “Wow scratch really can produce high quality games” all these are how I felt when I say @Ylie ‘s arm/claw project (excuse me if I spelt that wrong), who’s name escapes me at the time. I would curate simulation type projects like http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/19658537/ and game projects like http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/19528879/ and http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/16446053/

That is why I believe I should be the next curator, thanks for reading and scratch on.

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team,

I have been thinking about applying to be a curator for a while, and have decided to try.

The projects I would curate would show clever uses of Scratch, like taking pictures, having working cloud lists, or even having a Scratch to Binary coder. I would also curate lesser-known games, and keep in mind that people don't want things that have been on the front page already.

Thank you for reading and considering this!


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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Paddle2See wrote:

Interested in applying to be a Scratch curator?

The Scratch Curator gets to select the projects that show up on the front page in the “Projects Curated by …” row. The Scratch Curator position lasts for usually two weeks and then the Scratch Team will pick another one. This topic is the place to apply!

We choose curators that represent the diversity of the Scratch Community - girls, boys, gamers, storytellers, animators - Scratchers of all kinds! We especially like to choose Scratchers who have been helpful and contributing members of the Scratch community. If you're a New Scratcher member, please wait until you know your way around and have been promoted to Scratcher before applying for the Curator position.

When applying to be curator, it's good to give some thought to the kind of projects you'd like to show. “Cool projects that most people have never seen!” is a nice idea, but it doesn't really give us a good sense of what you like and why. We want to know what makes a project interesting to you.

Try viewing the projects in your favorites, and see if you can find a theme that describes them. Or, look at the kinds of collections of projects you may have placed in Studios. Talk about that theme in your post on this thread, and consider providing a few links to good examples of that theme.

If you are selected for the Curator position, you will get a comment from a Scratch Team member telling you so - you won't see a response on this topic. And if you think of new things you want to add to your application post a long time after you first apply, it's best just to make a new post rather than editing your old one - because we go through the applications in the order they were originally posted and we might miss an old post that had been edited.

To keep things clean and simple, please don't put posts on this topic unless they are your application posts for the curator position - posts that are not applications are likely to be removed.

For more information on applying for the Curator position, kayybee has written a helpful guide over here.

Thanks - and Scratch On!
Hello, I am SquiggleStudios and I am interested in applying for the curator position! I really would like to become curator so I can make other Scratcher's day by having them see their projects on the front page, and make them a bit more popular. I would display games, stories, and all projects that catch my eye. No, I will not put spammy projects on the “curated by” section, because I can't stand spam projects either.
Since I don't want people to be hungry for more of their projects on the front page, I will make sure only one project per person goes up there. I hope you select me, and have a nice day!

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Ok, I was denying my wants earlier. I would like to curate.

What I would curate_____________________________________________________________________________________________
I would curate projects that had good art, things that intrigue me, animations, PEOPLE MAKING FRIENDS , music players, OSes, and other things like that.


Less than 50 loves:

Less than 50 critiques:

Less than 10 followers:

2 month old project


No spam

My story and opinion____________________________________________________________________________________________
I came to scratch to learn, but I found that the community is a great place too. I used to sit, huddled up in a little corner on the Scratch Site alone , but when I shared my first project and got my first comment, I found that the community is nice, and that many users will help if you ask . So I would like to add projects that show people just coming in to scratch and metaphorically taking off their training wheels, too. I now am in a collab, very active, and are having a good time here . So I think everyone should have the chance to get known and make friends .

Why I should curate_____________________________________________________________________________________________
I think that people need critiques and complements to really grow. Thus I think they should be curated. I am not doing this for myself, as I can get fame other ways. But I speak from my heart and say, EVERYONE could benefit from being curated.

This is a little of why I should be curator. Thank you for your time.


Sorry about the smileys. I just wanted some to show emotion.

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

My name is ResortGaming, and I would like to be a curator. I know I've posted a message once, but I did not have enough time to say what i wanted to. A few weeks ago my project was only 3 views and 1 like. The next day I asked Frodewin to curate my project. When I logon I am so amazed to find that my project had HUNDREDS of likes! It made me so pleased that my hard work has finally payed off! Why am I saying this? It is simply because I have personally experienced the effects on you scratching life by having a project curated! This is why, I would only curate projects that have a certain level of effort incorporated into them. I will now list the conditions I am willing to curate:
  • People with less than 50 followers, meaning the person has a lower audience and need the extra help
    The project not to be too new, because then it would just not have many views YET, but older projects with very little views
    Projects with less than 10 likes or favourites, so that it signifies the project needs extra publicity
    The projects could be a wide verity scripts and functions.
    I will be on the lookout on fun games, but also very artistic projects (hoping they have any scripts and functions)
    I will make sure the project author is not simply remixing another's project.
    I will attempt to make sure that the project author is not engaged in any tactical following (e.g. “if you like all my games and I will follow you”)
    I will attempt to make sure the person is not leaving hate comments and the projects he makes are appropriate.
    I will especially choose projects with unique programming, allowing others to learn from the “see inside” button 9so it is a win- win scenario)
I hope you will consider me as a curator because I feel I would be immensely qualified and have lots of extra- time on my hands so I will do the job to the fullest extent. For me this is a very serious honour to be a curator and i will make sure I would be equally serious for the job.

Thank you for you're consideration,


Thanks a bunch, RG
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team,

I am interested in being curator for scratch. Someone I was following once became curator, and that made me wonder what it would be like to be curator. Some of the things I will do if I am curator are:
-Not curate projects that have already gotten on a list such as most popular
-Try to not curate all the projects people want me to curate, and curate some projects that most people have never seen before
-Curate projects with complex results but simple programming-well, as simple as possible
-Give people the reason i didn't curate their project, but say it in a nice way
-Not let the overall graphics of a project sway me in curating the project… unless they're really awesome.
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

I would like to be a scratch curator because there are so many projects out there that are AMAZING but they just don't get viewed! I am going to curate those projects
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

I know I already posted here, but here's a project with everything you may want to know:
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hi! I would like to be curator.
I like funny and unique projects, since I like to laugh and unique projects give me new ideas for them. (Either one of them is fine, both is best!)

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hello paddle2see, I would like to become a curator. I LOVE to make people feel happy and confident. I will curate projects by unpopular and neutral scratchers.

I WILL Curate:
Fun Projects
Projects with appropriate humor
Incredible projects
Creative projects
Projects that took effort to make

I WILL NOT Curate:
Popular projects
Inappropriate projects
Projects that do not follow the community guidelines

I hope you consider me!

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

I'm no longer interested. The scratch team can't catch up with me, or almost 50% (and that's the lowest percentage I can say truthfully) of the people that try to apply.

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team,

I, hugh34251 would to curate the next open time. The reason I would like to be curator is to give some awesome, yet underviewed projects a spotlight so other people can enjoy, remix, and even get inspired to make more projects and grow the community. I would curate projects that are apporiate, enjoyable, remixable, and playable. If I were to curate I would do my best.


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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

If I could be on the Scratch Team, or be a Curator that would be great. I would pick games that are,

*Pick games that at least have 100 Favorites(stars), and about 90 to 100 likes. (hearts)
*Pick some games made by popular people. (Like if a guy named 123Code made a game that hit the top rated, I might pick another game that he made. But, like earlier, it might have to be about 100 stars, 90-100 hearts…)
*Pick games with a good amount of popularity.

So, that's about it, but I think I would fit for one. Thanks.
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch team

I will curate projects that I think the community will like.
I will curate projects that I like.
I will curate projects that I have not seen.
I will curate projects like this

Please consider me


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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hello! My name is Helloyowuzzup, or Wuzzup for short, and I would like to ‘apply’ to become a Scratch Curator.

I am an experienced Scratcher; I have been on the website for approximately a year, and I have been very active during that time. I love checking out all sorts of projects, and I am familiar with almost every kind of project. I can also recognize hard work in projects, which I think is very important. I believe that I am a Scratcher who has contributed to the Scratch community- I always try to give a suggestion on projects that I see, and I try to keep up the true community spirit on Scratch.

If I were chosen as a curator, I would advertise that, and ask for suggestions of projects that I could curate. I would probably mostly curate musical projects, because I simply love music and know so many Scratchers that share my passion, and some collabs that I thought were very good- however, I would not curate collabs that I participated in. I might add some tutorials that I found especially helpful- probably art tutorials but maybe other kinds, as well. I would add these because, well, they were very helpful! I would not curate contests, because I believe that contests are really more the work of the people who enter them than the people who create them- however, I might curate an exceptional contest entry. I would not curate opinion-based projects, at least not more serious projects that are just expressing their opinions, because that could cause some major disruptions and arguments. Some examples of projects I would curate would be:

- This cat tutorial, which I found very helpful~ Yes, I have been talking with the creator of it, but that is because I found this tutorial so good, so I'm not being biased towards this project because I ‘know’ the owner.

-This Make Your Own Forest project I found extremely creative- it used the ‘can move in-game’ option on all of the sprites, so it has 0 scripts!

-This AMV is for a song that people recognize, but don't know super well and is extremely well done- simple but makes lots of sense and has good quality! It also has hardly any views.

I would not have a specific number of loves/faves/comments/views that was the maximum for what I would curate, but I would try not to curate anything with more than about 15 loves or faves and 100 views. The less attention and the more creative and fun, the better!

Thank you for viewing my application! Scratch on!

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hello, I would love to be a curator because I know quite a few projects that really deserve it.

when green flag clicked
wait (3) secs
say [I will curate original, non-remix-chain, and worked-hard-on projects.]

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Heyo! Mark90000 here.

I am a guy, and a huge gamer.
I want to be next week's curator because I believe that there are so many good games and scratchers that no one knows about that need attention.
Being the curator would be an awesome experience for me and would give some of my favorite projects more attention.


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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Thank you all for your submissions! We've read every application and will be in touch if you've been selected.

I am closing this thread because we are transitioning to a new and improved application process! You can submit your new application by visiting this studio, http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/386359/projects/.


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