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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

mistrpurple wrote:

Here are my projects, 4 pong http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/16789749/ can you dance: http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/340783/ bouncing on the beach : http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/16756694/ speed walking boy: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/16698680/ flying butterfly: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/16690274/ hope you like them, and will let me be a creator
Thanks again
~ @mistrpurple

You can't curate your own projects!! The curator position is to help other Scratchers, not just you!!
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Danger-mouse wrote:


I'm very sorry, but you have to hold the “Scratcher” position to become a curator. Try and be more active, and write a speech to boost your chances.

Good Luck!
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

I would like my projects to be looked at more!!! People that r featured r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky!!!!!

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team,

I would like to apply as curator. I have been around in Scratch since one year, which was a very intensive year for me where I learned a lot about Scratch.

If I become curator, I want to curate projects which are

  • Eductational
  • Interesting
  • Entertaining
  • Projects showing innovative ways to use Scratch

I won't curate projects which have already more than 100 likes since those already made it to the public attention.

Examples of projects I would like to curate are:

Wolves Forever

Jungle Adventure

Space is Key

Tiny Tower

Retro Snake

Space Mission 3D

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You can also find my best projects here or stop at my profile and say hi!
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hello Scratch Team,

I would really like to be a curator. If I were a curator I would curate nice original projects something that is unusual (yet still likable) that has not been really seen before. Not only would I pick project that are new and original I would make it so all people I curate in are nice and give credit when needed. I would really appreciate being curator because I would be able to show the Scratch community all the good projects I know about. If you could make me a curator that would make me really happy. I know I have a slim chance but may you please consider it. THANKS!!!

when I receive [ Curate]
add [grahamcracker1234] to [Curators]
show variable [ happiness :D]

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hi Scratch Team!

I have been interested in becoming a Scratch Curator. I've always wanted to be one since Scratch 2.0 came out. I would choose projects that have : Less than 10 Love-its and favorites, and projects with less than 100 views.

If I get chosen for being a curator I would curate projects like :
  • Short Animations
    Educational Projects
    Projects by Scratchers that have joined less than a year ago

Thanks for reading

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hey,Scratch Team,
Ever since I started Scratch,I was at the top of of my classes,acing tests here and there.Scratch had brought me to the the top of my game!Scratch changed my life!So now,I want to do something for you guys.I'd like to apply for Curator.I would make a great curator because:
1. I'm fair(Meaning I don't pick my friends projects over others).
2. I've been loyal to Scratch for 3 months,and have been going on everyday.(Now 3 months isn't a lot compared to other people,but it's still a long time.)
3.My projects(they're pretty good,but I do use sprites and give credit.
4.I love seeing other people projects making them go from zero to hero.I always favorite and give nice comments.
5.I'm not going to curate suggestions(unless they are good.)
I really hope that you would acknowledge my works and(hopefully)pick me.


P.S. If I do get picked,I will help people with projects that have less than 10 love-its or 150 views

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I'm on Team Krez!
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

When i receive Curator choosing
if <[aidanMcc] = [Curator]> then
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Scratch-Hero wrote:

I would like my projects to be looked at more!!! People that r featured r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky!!!!!
The only real reason projects get featured is because they either spent a whole lot of time, or a little bit of time, and the project just needs to get more attention. The people usually think they spent “Loads” of time on it, and its not getting enough attention. Everybody thinks projects that are “Popular” just had lots of attention before they got featured. And no, they are NOT soooo- lucky to have a featured project. And you shouldnt be saying to get your projects curated either, you just need to make unique, or inspiring projects…

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hey! I'm Whiteboard Animations, and I am interesting in becoming a curator.

About Me
I started playing around with scratch when I was in 5th grade, when we had a lesson on it one day in the library. Now, I am a freshman in High School. After years of playing around with the scratch program, I have gotten into a bit of HTML and CSS. I have made many websites since then. Now, I am looking forward to learning another programming language. Scratch has given me an incredible amount of motivation to keep moving forward.

Why Do I Want This Position?
One of the reasons I want this position is to raise awareness of some really amazing projects. Some people work on their projects for hours upon days upon months, and only get a couple of views. I want these types of projects to get noticed for two reasons. The first reason is so the creator doesn't feel like they wasted their time. I know not getting views doesn't mean a waste of time because you are always learning, but I don't want the creator to feel discouraged. The second reason I want these types of projects to get noticed is to help teach others skills that they wouldn't already know. If a project using a unique skill doesn't get noticed, then nobody learns how to do it. I want to expand every scratcher's knowledge on the program with projects they wouldn't already see.

What Types Of Projects Would I create?
If I was chosen to be curator, I would choose unique projects, with clean graphics that don't have a lot of attention (reason stated in first paragraph). One project that I am interested can be found here. I really like this project not because of the gameplay, but because of the graphics. It feels very smooth and natural, and is very clean as well. One project that I might also curate is this one. I would create it because of the clean graphics and the very smooth feel. I like how it incorporates cloud data with multiple levels. Also, this game only has 24 views. Along with games, I would curate animation-type projects. I like projects that have some sort of pattern, such as this project.

Thank you SO much for reading my post, and this incredible opportunity!

-Whiteboard Animations

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

I would like to curate on the Scratch home page. I would curate not only projects by famous Scratchers or from amazing Scratchers.
Project Types I Would Curate
Projects that show what Scratch is about
Projects that push Scratch to it's boundaries
Projects that show diversity… Not just projects from boys, or girls. I will include gay people (If I can find any)
Projects that deserve more attention because they are purely amazing

Projects that I would NOT curate
Projects with over 15 love-its
Projects with over 7 favourites
Projects with over 40 views
Projects that might be offending to people

I hope you will consider putting me into the curator position.


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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team,

I've been a fan of scratch for a while; ever since my technology teacher showed it to me in fourth grade. Seven Months ago, I finally made my account, and Now, I'd like to try and take my love for scratch to a new level, and Curate! My projects are generally art and tutorials, however, I've always Loved the idea of Games and educational projects made with scratch. I'd most likely curate Projects involving simulations and Variables, Along with animations and games. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to make such projects, and I always tend to see inside of intriguing projects to have a refrence of something I might want to create, such as a game (despite all of my failed attempts, I still want to make a game someday ^^)

Along with that, there are a few things I wouldn't take advantage of: I wouldn't think to curate projects that were made by close friends to promote that. I'd go for would include games and animation, and along with that, something in a top-loved position at the time. I'd hope to promote projects that have had a lot of time put into them, not games that have flashy animation and thousands of views.

As for my behavior on scratch, I feel that I am quite modest, yet supportive. I've been able to meet wonderful scratchers through this website, as I share many fandoms with others and have similar interests with others. I try my very best to help new scratchers of all ages out on scratch, especially if they've recently joined. I tend to stay very patient, and if I ever do get in disagreements, I keep it as formal as possible, and try not make a huge fight. Happily, I've never gotten into a big enough argument that I had to report anyone; it's hard finding rude people on scratch, as most people are kind folks here ^^

Overall, I feel that I'd make a wonderful Curator. I am modest, know my way around, and will curate projects worth curating, and deserve some promotion. I get along well with many scratchers of all ages, ranging from a six year old who I recently entered a coloring contest from. To A friend of mine who's Seventeen and loves on Germany. I hope you consider meas a curator, and I hope I made this worth your time!

when green flag clicked
say [Thank you for taking your time]

I'd love to talk to you; Feel free to comment on my things, and I will be more than glad to reply! <3
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

i will curate
*original projects
*awesome projects
*advanced projects
*educational projects
and i will NOT curate
*my projects
*projects suggested by owners … usually
*remixes … usually

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Hey Scratch team! My name is Semi99999 if you didn't already notice! I have been on scratch a really long time, almost around 4 years without an account and just months ago I finally decided to create one! I know how this community works, and what people should, or should not do. I go on scratch and learn new things about people and how the community works, every morning I wake up, then go on scratch to see whats new! I would also love to make a really big change in this amazing community because it is such an awesome place to be! The only reason I am writing this right now is because I would like to be a curator on scratch to curate projects that haven't had enough attention, and get that attention that I think they deserve. I have seen many projects that I look inside, and there is so much scripting and so hard to create, but that project only has one or two views. I will also curate educational and multilingual projects. If you make me a curator I will only curate projects that are not a remix, unless the person whom remixed changed a lot, and created their own project out of it, not the exact same as the original project, but with many changes. I will also curate projects that are simple, but stand out over the others. I will not curate friends or family's projects, only people whom I have never met, unless like I said earlier, that project stands out over the others. I will not curate any copies that are not remixes, but only projects that the scratcher made. I will curate projects that are finished, or almost finished, and give good suggestions to those that are not finished. All in all I would love to become a curator and either you will or will not, I will still be happy on this awesome scratch community!
Thank you! And I hope you let me become a curator!

What I will curate:
1. Projects under 25 love-its
2. projects under 20 favorites
3. Projects that are not created by friends or family unless they stand out
4. No Remixes unless they have been greatly changed
5. Projects that are NOT copied
6. Projects that look complicated
7.Projects with much simplicity that stand out

Wow this took me a long time to write!

when green flag clicked

if (Semi99999 gets curated) then
say [Scratch On!] for (2) secs


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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team,

If I was curator, I would add games and animations that were hard worked on. I try to not to get in an argument, but if I am in an argument, I try to keep it calm. I've often helped others when they need help doing something on scratch, when they don't know how to do something. I wasn't always a good scratcher, but I started getting better and better, so I know how new scratchers feel… actually, if I think about it, I only joined scratch last year! I may not be a perfect scratcher, but when I'm wondering how to do something with the blocks, I often see inside someone elses and see how they did it. Every morning, I think, “SCRATCH!!! :-D” and I always go on scratch to see what's new.

when I receive [End]
say [Scratch On!] for (2) secs

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Excuse me sir but this is why I think I would be a good choice for the job(this is somewhat a resume)
I am very enthusiastic and will not let mean or hurtful actions on scratch ruin the fun for other scratchers.
I am very honest, am obsessed with law, I am very creative, am very active on scratch, and can somewhat speak other languages.
I know some very good projects nobody has seen but are very thorough and detailed.
I also would add some very entertaining songs like this one.

If I could be chosen for this position I would add games like this one.
thank you sir for allowing me to submit this flimsy and whimsical forum.

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I'm sorry that I'm so boss
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team and

I think if you pick me as curator I would make a great curator and I will always try and be nice to peope around me on Scrstch.

My Scratch Story
I actually saw Scratch on an ICT Lesson six years ago at my old school then I was I was young and then I forget about Scratch then five years later I started to remember Scratch and I started growing intrested in it. I started telling my friends at school like (pizzaman9, ricardo45, redwerwolf, AKO123) and some others about Scratch 2.0 and then everybody started to feel the love with Scratch (even me!) I did not know what to do with the blocks at first and then I started to learn. I started making games and I finally got Scratch. What I learned from Scratch is that you learn from great Scratchers that influence you like Unrealisation, GreenConsole, Unlocked and you also learn from you're friends like pizzaman9 and ricardo45, it helps you and you can become a better Scratcher!

Scratch also became more educational and people started creating amazing things on Scratch like 3d effects, educational quizzez, fun facts and that helped me with my projects. Now I do Scratch everyday and I enjoy Scratch. This is my Scratch Story

I would like to curate and curate projects that:
Are good projects that need more attention - 1
Are good projects that help Scratchers - 2
Are projects below 55 loves - 3
Add 5 projects every 2 days - 4
Are simple and Fun Projects! - 5
Are educational - 6
Are appropriate - 7
Follow the rules of Scratch - 8
Projects that are not mine - 9
Projects that are made by hard work - 10
Projects with under 500 views - 11

What I would do
I would curate games from people who do not have as much followers as 150 followers, I will add four projects a day. Of course I would not curate my own projects because to be honest that would not be fair to other people. I would add inspirational, creative, fun, simple and original projects that will bring joy to other Scratchers. I also want to show Scratchers that Scratch can do so many great things if you Imagine,Program and Share

Why you should pick me?
I think if you pick me I could help people who deserve to get more attention that don't get much attention and I would pick the right projects, like ones that are appropriate.

Examples of what I would pick

Example 1
This project helps Scratchers know how to cloud and save data, this example is for projects that help people

Example 2
This project is fun and simple and you feel like you can play it all day. It has great effects and is a nice game to play.

Example 3
You can play around with this project and once again it's fun and simple.

Example 4
this game is fun and addictive and it's a good game.

Example 6
This project shows that Scratch can do amazing things with 3D effects and all the other stuff.

This is what I would do if I was curator and it doesn't matter how good it is, it matters if you tried your best and remember Imagine, Program and Share.
- @bababa12

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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Dear Scratch Team.

I am not very new, as I have played with Scratch WAY before i got an account.
I really would like to be a curator, and I would curate AWESOME projects that the community will absolutely love!

Sincerly, Benjibrat

my website here.
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Become a Curator on the Scratch Homepage

Zellie23 wrote:

A Curator has to have good judgement, and i have that. Im not going to write a whole paragraph im not that desperate

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