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Allow lists of suggestions

The reason they don’t really allow them anymore is because the discussion can be cluttered if people are talking about 2 or more different things at the same time, so they have you split it into multiple topics.

hi875230163394: You're similar to valve in that you both hate a certain number…
Medians bamboozled by 3.0 (both projects back up): Original and https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/878470775/
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medians: Oh god not this utc - 12 thing again..
Fun_Cupcake_i81: What, were you expecting not to see the utc - 12 thing again? THE UTC - 12 THIGN ALWAYS RETURNS. ALWAYS.
medians: I knew it would happen. I was the one who started it last year.
Fun_Cupcake_i81: Well then if you didn't want it back maybe you need to time travel to last year and fix that

Oh wait if you could time travel I think we all know exactly when you would go-
user1: That picture is from 2.0. Now he’s at my house and is my pet.
user2: But this is medians we're talking about, so “from 2.0” can mean the same thing as “from five seconds ago”.

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i trolled redcat LOL

if you see this
{what method did you use::control hat
answer on profile ::motion
} ::operators
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Allow lists of suggestions

For the sake of our sanity - no. Requiring suggestions be submitted individually makes it much easier to keep the conversation focused.

We do allow more than one suggestion in a topic if the suggestions are highly related.

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