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Mark a segment, then Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow to see all. Using the German Keyboard? That translates to Strg (Steuerung) + Shift + Abwärts-Pfeil (Seite-Abwärts)

What too much does to the brain… I'm losing brain cells.
Yep, that's a Wikipedia article.

Personal Opinion, please stay objective if you disagree. But let's face it, proper grammar is important. Yes, English spelling is a mess, but that's not directly related grammar. People are most likely to take you serious if you use proper grammar and care about the commas.

I sometimes forget to answer, so please kindly respond on my profile if I didn't answer that quick. A link to the original topic would be appreciated!

Out of Ideas?

De_Wong, cheeky lil' smart boi , 13 y/o, going to a German high school.
German Alt: @De_Kleine_Bre, Chinese Alt: @de_Kind
Chinese boi, also speaks German, Swiss German, English (obviously) and a lil' bit of French.
Playing Among Us, Genshin Impact and started playing Honkai: Star Rail.

I also accept ‘'they’' as a 3rd pronoun.

Personal opinion; stay objective if you disagree. I am in no means forcing you to agree with me, so please, stay calm.
But please, stop listing dozens of pronouns of preferred class, accepting class, auxiliary attribute, etc. when you accept ‘'they’'. If not, please list a reasonable amount. 3rd pronouns are a grammatical tool of communication, not a tool to be mad and impolite to other people.

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