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The code "when I recieve (something)" doesn't work

as I went to a project of mine I used the code “when I recieve” and when I started the programme it didn't recieve the message?


I haven't been able to use that command for a while now so scratch team if there is an error please fix it.
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The code "when I recieve (something)" doesn't work

Please press the globe icon to tell me you browser and OS information. Anyways, try clearing your cache or checking your internet.

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The code "when I recieve (something)" doesn't work

The “when I receive” hat block is used for receiving broadcast messages. If you didn't broadcast a message, the hat block will not activate.

(This is how you would use the “when I receive” hat block.
when green flag clicked
broadcast [something v]

when I receive [something v]
say [yes]

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The code "when I recieve (something)" doesn't work

Can you send the link to the project so we know what is happening?

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