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if then @greenFlag or @stopSign pressed
it can make the project if flag or stop pressed do something
when i receive (gummy bear) // this think will do a lot of weird things!
set character colour to (#00FF00)
if key <! or % or / or = > pressed?
switch costume to (example)
when say // this think will do something
looks :: custom_arg #8f0
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Block Ideas

dont see? paste it here
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Block Ideas

wouldn't this go in suggestion forum (assuming you speak english)

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brrrrrr skibidi dop dop dop dop yes yes yes yes
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yes i speak
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Block Ideas

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Block Ideas

This belongs in the suggestions forum
also first block is rejected

Here is what they mean from the first one
when @greenFlag or @stopSign clicked :: events hat

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Block Ideas

I'll move this over to the Suggestion section for you - that's a better fit for this kind of topic

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Block Ideas

Can you explain how these are related and what they would do?

“I like to think that savvy thinks of old technology like how medians thinks of Scratch 2.0”
-insert user name guy 2023
“I actually wonder if medians really lives in a universe where 2.0 was still being used”
Medians bamboozled by 3.0: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/834038068/ and https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/848193101/
Scratch 2.0 10th anniversary: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/850521925/

medians: Oh god not this utc - 12 thing again..
Fun_Cupcake_i81: What, were you expecting not to see the utc - 12 thing again? THE UTC - 12 THIGN ALWAYS RETURNS. ALWAYS.
medians: I knew it would happen. I was the one who started it last year.
Fun_Cupcake_i81: Well then if you didn't want it back maybe you need to time travel to last year and fix that

Oh wait if you could time travel I think we all know exactly when you would go-
user1: That picture is from 2.0. Now he’s at my house and is my pet.
user2: But this is medians we're talking about, so “from 2.0” can mean the same thing as “from five seconds ago”.

Detect Scratch version here (new version): https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/657600/
My other accounts: @selfexplanatory @modesties @chaircard @fireflyhero @dividendyield @colloids @radians @skeuamorphism @dihectogon @anglebisector @aau- @EditBlockColors

if you see this
{what method did you use::control hat
answer this on my profile ::motion
} ::operators

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