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Multiple Accounts

So, I have multiple accounts – some of them are secret, some of them are alts. For the ones that are secret, they have a different identity (eg. nickname, they all have the same info such as email and stuff though) than my main. I don't use them for boosting my main account, although some of my alts follow my main. Will my secret accounts count as sockpuppetry, and will I get banned? I don't know much about it, so I just want to make sure.

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Multiple Accounts

Probably not, it's ok to have alts as long as you don't break the community guidelines with them.
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Multiple Accounts

The only way where I think you could get blocked for this is if you tell others “I am not @Cakeqo” using your alternate accounts. (That would be dishonest.) Of course, you can just simply not tell people that you're @Cakeqo (you don't have to tell anyone your main account).

Sockpuppetry on Scratch is more like if you use your alternate account to write a mean comment on the @Cakeqo profile in an attempt to have others defend @Cakeqo against this “mean user.” This sort of behavior is not allowed — it is considered “gaming the community,” tricking others (which is also dishonest). As long as you don't try to stir up drama in some way using your alternate accounts, you should be fine.

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Multiple Accounts

As long as you are honest and follow the Scratch CG, then you can have more than one account!
However, using such accounts to break any rules will get ALL of your accounts banned or blocked.

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