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About the music on scratch.

So… i've been searching for all the music on scratch.

Heres my playlist:

Im gonna refer ST as MIT for the rest of this.

But the real question is… Did MIT ever get permission to use them? And if not, Are they royalty free?

Also, Shameless promotion but… If you wanna perhaps help, ill be making a studio about this soon

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bloctans_4 wrote:

I just found out how to do signatures
hi, Im (lol i wont tell you my age)

yt here
I work at brawl mania studios
and I program in python,html5,css and scratch.

check this out! https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/448664/?page=1#post-4514723

Well Hello There! Im A (lol i wont tell you my age) Who Knows Programming. I Know How To Program In HTML,CSS,PYTHON(well a bit) And Java, I Can Also Do Roblox Lua.

Also some little thing I was/or still am working on Here!

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About the music on scratch.

FAQ page wrote:

Most Scratch support materials on the Scratch website are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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