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3D Projects

3D Clones need these variables:
For Camera:
(Camera X) (Camera Y) (Camera Z)
Camera Variables must be for all sprites.
For Objects:
(Object X) (Object Y) (Object Z)
Object Variables must be only for the sprite you want the objects to spawn.

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3D Projects

Is this a suggestion?

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3D Projects

Sorry, but this suggestion appears to be rejected by the Scratch Team:
1.8 3D Scratch
This block, and others, could be used with a z-axis in the project stage to make it easier to create 3D projects. But, Scratch is a language that is designed to be as easy as possible for beginners to learn. Adding 3D features would make the language more difficult for beginners to understand, and a 3D engine is not exactly the purpose of Scratch. This suggestion also includes the possibility for virtual-reality features in Scratch, or “Scratch VR.” A lot of the same difficulties come up.

For those who are interested, it may be worth checking out Beetle Blocks or CreatiCode. They are block-based programming languages similar to the Scratch editor, but with 3D features. There is another similar program to Scratch that contains block programming with 3D features, called Starlogo TNG. You can also try Alice; it is not exactly like Scratch, but has some similar features.

go to x:() y:() z:() ::motion
Please also note that this is the wrong subforum to make a topic about this on.

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