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what kind of things scratch team do?

I'm just curious.
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what kind of things scratch team do?

One of the Scratch Team's most important jobs is moderating the website to keep Scratch safe. Whenever someone presses the report button on a comment, project, forum post, profile page, or studio, a Scratch Team member takes a look the reported thing to make sure it is safe for Scratch.

The Scratch Team also works on developing the website and adding new features. A bunch of pages on the Scratch website are still the “Scratch 2.0 theme,” so they are working on updating everything to match the 3.0 theme.

They do a lot of other stuff too, like maintaining the website servers, picking featured projects, etc.

Scratch to Python converter: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/600562/
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what kind of things scratch team do?

And for more information you might want to look at the annual report. https://scratch.mit.edu/annual-report

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