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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

A scratcher is Saying F4F is bad.Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?Please give me an answer.

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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

No. Although f4f can be annoying, it’s actually pretty harmless.

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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

It’s bad, frowned upon by various scratchers (including griffpatch) as week as the st, but there is nothing official against it

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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

No its not banned but it’s purpose is to make sure scratch is about fame not fun whihc is the opposite of what scratch is meant for

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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

its allowed, but i recommend not doing it since most people dont like it

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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

It's Allowed under the stance that you won't get banned for doing it if both parties are okay with F4F. But a lot of people don't like it and asking someone for F4F that doesn't want to do it could be considered bad etiquette/something frowned upon.

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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

F4F is not banned and won't be banned anytime soon due to TOLORS (The Official List of Rejected Suggestions). Although, it is quite annoying to some people since it would be spam. If they are saying F4F is bad, it is because they don't encourage F4F and they don't want to do F4F. In some cases, F4F is allowed such as when a user allows it or there is a studio for it. But remember, Scratch isn't about fame. It's about your imagination and what you decide to do with it!

Hoped that helped!

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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

It's not banned, although a lot of people are against it (including me).

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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

TOLORS Although many Scratchers do not enjoy seeing follow for follow requests, asking someone to participate in follow for follow is relatively harmless. If someone asks you to do follow for follow, and you do not want to, just politely decline their request. If they keep spamming you with requests, you can use the Report button on their comments.

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Is F4F(follow for follow)is against scratch rule?

Za-Chary wrote:

F4F can be good or bad, depending on what you use it for.

Good - New Scratchers can use this to gain a bit of popularity and make some new Scratch friends in the process.

Bad - It may seem like spam to those who don't do F4F.

Of course, if someone asks for F4F and you don't want to, just politely decline. All in all, asking for F4F is pretty harmless, so I don't think it's good or bad.
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