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STAFF NEEDED: The Golden Shop

Federation+ The Golden Shop Review #1
I will be using gold for this because it's The Golden Shop :D
First Look (7.5/10)
The shop isn't really that attracting to customers in it's current state; try adding gradients using this, fancy fonts and emojis to your title, and anything else you can think of to make your shop stand out.
Originality (8/10)
I like how the shop is more overall focused on reviews then other shops. This really makes it clear that you will get good reviews from the shop.
Staff (1/10)
You seem to be the only worker at the shop right now. I suggest partnering with other shops so more people will find your shop and visit it.
BBCode (10/10)
It would be kind of conceited if I were to praise our own BBCode, so let's just give this a 10/10 and ignore it
Product Quality (11/10)
The product quality was wonderful! I got constructive critisism that was useful to me, and I will definetly consider it when making my next anti-piracy screen.
Speed (9.5/10)
Completed in just over a day! Great!
Customer Service (8.5/10)
You were really nice when taking my order! But you need to let people know that their orders have been taken, and you will need to notify on both their profile AND the forums.
Partnerships (4.5/10)
Since you are a part of our federation, you have a single partnership, but you will need to link to your partners and federations in the opening posts. You will also need to add a partnership form.
Other Orders (N/A)
This was the first order completed, so I can't rate the shop here. Don't worry, this will be counted as a 10 in the final score.

70% - Decent
  • Make the title more attractive with fancy fonts and emojis!
  • Add gradients!
  • Get more staff!
  • Tell customers when their orders are taken!
  • Notify customers on both their profile AND the forums!
  • Get more partnerships!

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STAFF NEEDED: The Golden Shop


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STAFF NEEDED: The Golden Shop

Employee Form
Username: Purvitekriwal
What services can you provide?: code debugging testing reviewing. Reviewing can be of any type. Grammar check, etc.
Why should we hire you?: i am never rude
How active are you?(1-10): 8
Passcode: ball

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