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the new scratch-www studio page

DragonHeart_DaAlt wrote:

Its not helping anyone and you/scratch team are making it a pain.
jeffalo is not making it a pain

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the new scratch-www studio page

DragonHeart_DaAlt wrote:

Its not helping anyone and you/scratch team are making it a pain.
The guy who posted the first reply to the update, having it be critical, is the one making it a pain?

Completely backwards.
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the new scratch-www studio page

Jeffalo wrote:

dhuls wrote:

Jeffalo wrote:

(note that for scratch legal reasons i no longer agree with any of the statements in this post and i'm just sharing for historic purposes)
What Scratch legal issues? Censorship?
Censorship needs to stop. If it doesn't, something has to change. I'm running a projects.scratch.mit.edu query using fetch() , I'll give the results soon. Let's see how bad this is.

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topic/571765 MUST be apologized for.
Turns out, it was!!!

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the new scratch-www studio page

Paddle2See wrote:


xX_Unreal_Cool_Xx wrote:

potatophant wrote:

scratchusername40 wrote:

Plus, the scratch team literally owns scratch. They can do WHATEVER they want.
they can, but on the other hand if people don't like it then they can complain.
according to the scratch team no we can't complain, we just have to “get used to it” even though some people have conditions that make them feel overwhelmed and stressed out just by looking at the new studio layout, because everything is so huge and saturated, and they cannot get used to it, and even if you don't have these conditions, it can still hurt your eyes trying to focus on it for those same reasons. take a look at scratch 3.0 reception, many people still hate the initial 3.0 layout from a while back, and some have actually left scratch from it and haven't come back, so in some cases people just cannot get used to it, but the scratch team doesn't care, they're probably just gonna ban everyone who tries to get it reverted to the old layout, or even to a different layout since the old layout is now never coming back. and that's not even getting into the new limitations on studios
I'm not sure where you are getting your information - but a lot of it is wrong. We do care. We are interested in hearing actionable suggestions from people that truly still find the design overwhelming. Please direct folks to use the Suggestions area for feedback in that area.
If you care then why aren't you fixing all the issues? Just saying “yes I care about site experience for our users”, and proceeds to go away and do nothing about it is basically the same as not caring.

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the new scratch-www studio page

Maximouse wrote:

CST1229 wrote:


www profiles coming soon?!?!?
scratch-www already contains integration tests for My Stuff and Statistics pages, so I don't think that means they're working on a new profile page.
That's interesting, but i will miss the old page.

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