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Updates to the filter system

Hi everyone!

We are making some changes to our filter system to make it smarter, more reliable, and more transparent. Scratch’s commenting system uses an automated filter that displays a message when it detects words or phrases that are inappropriate for Scratch—you may know this system as the “filter bot.” It’s an important tool we use to help keep the site safe and friendly for all ages.

However, we know it can be frustrating when the filter prevents you from posting content you think is OK for Scratch, or when you aren’t sure why you were muted. To help address these issues, the new and improved filter system will:
  • Display messages that give you more information about why your comment isn’t appropriate for Scratch
  • Allow you to continue participating in the community much more quickly
  • Give you more information about the amount of time that you’re muted
  • Make better decisions about words and phrases it identifies as inappropriate

The new filters will also be in place for Scratchers as well as New Scratchers. We know this will be a change that might take a little while to adjust to, but we appreciate your patience as we work to make Scratch a safer and friendlier community.

These changes were based on feedback from the Scratch Community, and we would really appreciate your feedback as we introduce the new system. There will be a form built into the filterbot window to gather your thoughts and report mistakes.

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