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Guidelines for the Reading and Playing Forum

The Reading and Playing forum is a place to discuss books, TV, movies, art, music, or videogames that inspire you.

As with all parts of the Scratch community, Scratchers must follow the Scratch Community Guidelines: Be respectful, offer constructive comments, give credit, be honest, keep personal information private, and help keep the site friendly.

In addition:

  • Keep discussions on topic. If a thread gets derailed, help get it back on track.

  • Don’t post links to or have discussions about anything disrespectful or inappropriate for an all ages audience. We will remove or close all threads and posts related to these discussions.

  • Don't create topics that have a track record of leading to angry discussion - such as religious or political topics.

  • Don't spam. Make sure that your posts are making a useful contribution to the discussion. If you do not find a thread interesting - don't post in it.

  • Don't misquote anyone.

  • Please make sure you have a specific subject for your forum topics - vague or loosely defined topics will be closed. Chat topics in particular are not permitted Your subject must also fit into the forum posting guidelines described above.

  • Don't create many topics at once - creating dozens of topics in a short amount of time clutters the forums and makes it difficult to navigate through the forum topics. Please limit to posting no more than 3 new threads a day.

Here is a description of the steps we take when an account is used to do something that's not ok for Scratch or the Scratch forums. We may update these guidelines from time to time. If you'd like to discuss them, we're always open to respectful feedback via the contact us page.

Please use the Text-Based Games Forums for all text-based games (including role-playing games). Thanks!

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