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swc announcements july 2020

hi everyone! welcome to our swc session for july 2020, our biggest one yet, with over 400 people participating

this is going to be the announcements forum. only sunny and i will be posting here, with important announcements so make sure you follow it! please don't comment anything here however- if you have any questions, ask either us or your leaders!

anyway, this is just meant to be an introductory post remember that you can start writing for swc at midnight july 1st your timezone which will be different for everyone, but daily activities will begin at midnight july 1st est time

apart from that, i think this is everything! enjoy swc

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swc announcements july 2020

hello, i'm miri! i'm in charge of this session's memory book, so icy said i could also post here as i will be sharing things that directly impact the memory book. one of these things is our upcoming cover contest that will be shared on july 7th .

hi i'm miri! i'm a friendly muffin with an affinity for books :>
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swc announcements july 2020

Hey, this looks like a great activity you have planned here! However, I can tell you from experience that asking people to not post on a topic is an exercise in futility - people keep posting. I'll try closing the topic - you can let me know by reports when you want it opened again (to post on it) and we'll try keeping it closed as much as possible.

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swc announcements july 2020

hello! i'm birdi!

all the leaders and i are excited to announce that we're planning on making ‘swc the musical’!
camper contributions are now open! you can find the forms and studio right here.
we're only accepting 25 campers.

we're mainly looking for voice actors and singers, but anyone can make art (if you do, your art will roll alongside the credits at the very end)
we really want to finish this, so if you are chosen and become inactive for over a week we'll choose someone else to take your place. please don't sign up if you know you won't be active for a long period of time!

we're also still in the early stages and planning out the musical, so if you have any song or story suggestions comment those in the camper contributions studio as well!

finally, you're not pressured to do anything at all, feel free to just wait for it to come out.

good luck to all who apply! and keep enjoying swc!

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swc announcements july 2020

hey everyone!

the swc memory book cover contest is out!

all info is in the in the project, which can be viewed here

(@moonieaf- is my alt account for those of you who don't know)

looking forward to seeing your entries!

hi i'm miri! i'm a friendly muffin with an affinity for books :>
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swc announcements july 2020

hey guys! i hope you've enjoyed your first 10 days of swc

but now… it's time for cabin wars!

i'll do this in the style of an faq, including some of the most commonly asked questions about cabin wars.

what are cabin wars?
cabin wars occur twice a month. they're a special daily activity where, instead of earning points, you can lose points. you'll use the list of potential wars in the main cabin and copy and paste these to other cabins. once you post this, that cabin must begin the war, no matter what time it is for them. so yes, even if you're in est and you get attacked over night and you'e unaware of it, you still lose points if no one sees the war. you have to trust people in other timezones to complete the wars!

once you've been warred, you have a 30 minute shield. this means no cabin can war you or else they lose points. your cabin can also not war a cabin twice in a row.

for example, say mystery wars sci-fi at 12am est, sci fi has a shield until 12:30am est. mystery cannot war them until another cabin, let's say, fantasy, has warred them at 12:30am est. the next time mystery can war them is 1am est. if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask your cabin leader!

and also, a cabin can only be warred 5 times a day!

what happens if i break one of these rules?
if you war a cabin during their shield, or you war them for a sixth time, or your cabin wars them twice in a row, you lose the amount of points the war originally had.

can words count for two wars?
if you have two wars going at once, you can only write for one at a time.

what can i write during a cabin war?

anything! so long as it still fits the rules of what you can write in swc, it counts! you can even work on the weekly, and multitask at both of them (this is what i'm going to do!)

who can i attack during cabin wars?
this is where allies, enemies and neutrals come in!

this is just general relationships between cabins- make sure to check that these apply with your cabin:
allies: you usually never attack these people. if you do, expect a lot of retaliation!
neutrals: you may or may not attack them. sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. i know that i rarely attack neutrals, unless if they attacked me first!
enemies: ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK! it's just a friendly rivalry, though!!

also! you are unable to give an ally the war ‘no writing for an hour’ with the intention to simply waste a war. if no one's writing, there's not much point in sending that war. it probably hasn't crossed any of your minds, but it has happened before as a tactic

that's about it! if you have any questions, ask your cabin leader or me. have fun in cabin wars >

and remember


also credit to Icy for writing all of this I’m just posting it for her

hey guys, please check out my MAP: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/376709250/
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swc announcements july 2020

hello everyone!

the cover contest for the memory book has now finished, and it is time for the voting! here is the voting project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/412369630/. please read through the entire description of the project.

i'm looking forward to see what you all think of the beautiful covers that were submitted! <3

hi i'm miri! i'm a friendly muffin with an affinity for books :>
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swc announcements july 2020

hi again, everyone!

as we near the end of camp, the memory book is getting to the final stages of creation. the only things we have left to do are really the “most likely to..” pages and the “quotes” pages for each cabin. please check out this project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/414442886/ for more information, and then discuss with your cabin who you're going to pick for each “most likely to” category.

also, for anyone wondering, the memory book will be released a day or two after the final results come out, because we put the writing contest results and final cabin standings in the memory book.

and the results for the memory book cover contest!

front cover:
1st place (cover will be used as our memory book cover): A13, by @okae!

back cover:
1st place (will be used as the back cover): B1, by @-ByTheSea-

all of the runner ups will be in the memory book

please congratulate @okae and @-ByTheSea- for the winning the contest! their covers are beautiful!

hi i'm miri! i'm a friendly muffin with an affinity for books :>
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swc announcements july 2020

to anyone who entered the memory book cover contest-

we're looking for the person who made back cover B2. it was one of the runner ups and will be featured in the memory book. we can't find the owner of this cover, as we think they've unshared the project. if B2 is your cover, please temporarily reshare the project (as proof that the cover is indeed yours) and send me the link on my profile. after we've added it, feel free to unshare it again.


hi i'm miri! i'm a friendly muffin with an affinity for books :>
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swc announcements july 2020

hi i'm winty, one of the poem leaders!! (and i've been given permission to post this so yaaayyy )

it's almost the end of this session, so we (the leaders) have been turning our attention the next session and have been discussing some things! (and if you've been stalking the forum you'll already know what but i'm not accusing anyone of anything ). we've decided that next swc we want to put a higher emphasis on writing quality instead of the number of words written. (so basically just quality > quantity)

anyway, we're thinking about changing and adding a lot of things, but the most important being the changes we're implementing to cabins! don't worry, swc will still be competitive, and there will still be cabins but we're thinking campers up into groups within their respective cabins, with each group having its own counselor (one of the leaders of your cabin)

this way, we'll be able to have more one on one time with you guys, and hopefully, we'll be able to help you more with your writing!
(there will be other changes involving, dailies, weeklies, and workshops but i'll try not to spoil everything in this post ^^)

we'd love to hear your input though so please answer these three polls! (or at least the first one)

1. https://strawpoll.com/3wo3ywksh (do you approve of the new cabin system?)

2. https://strawpoll.com/kj3co6kf2 (how would you feel if groups were created based on writing quality? this is something we're not considering, but if everyone's fine with it it might happen, but this most likely will not happen.)

3. https://strawpoll.com/u997gha5f (and finally, how was this session of swc? did you find it fun?)

ack! i know this was a lot, so sorry about that. i hope you enjoyed swc! <3

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