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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

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Review from ᑕᕼᗝᑕ'ᔕ ᖇᗴ丅ᗩᎥᒪ ᖇᗴᐯᎥᗴᗯᔕ 1, reviewed by bananaandchoc1, 8/6/20

bananaandchoc1 wrote:

Lightning Studios Review
First Look (8.5/10):
The first thing anyone’s going to see is the title. It has a fancy font, which is a nice touch, but it is a tad small, meaning it may be easily overlooked. You could also add a couple symbols (e.g. ⬅️➡️✅✔️). However, the tag line really suits the shop.

I like the layout of the shop, but I think you could be more consistent with putting the same BBCode in your post titles, and you could remove some of the underlines, as it makes the text harder to read. Also, you probably shouldn’t colour the text yellow, as it is very hard to read.

It is good how you’ve actually linked Buzzy Bee Banners and CraftGirl-HAS, as not many people/shops actually do that! You could’ve linked xxHam_Sandwichxx too.

Members and Advertisements are a unique touch, which I like! Overall, at a first glance, your shop seems good!

Customer Service (9.5/10):
My order was taken within half an hour (considering time zones) which was impressive! It was then completed within around 10-20 minutes of it being taken. Some shops offer faster service but this was still good. When finished, I got a lovely message on my profile. My only criticism would be that workers don’t ask for customers to contact the worker on their profile if they need any changes. Maybe it was just the employee. Overall, amazing service!

Quality of Product (9.5/10):
I gave rather broad specifications, and my order was done rather well! I did not want anything changed, so I can’t really say anything about that, but my only tiny criticism is to add a border. I am pleasantly surprised by this

Overall (9/10):
I think that this shop has amazing potential, and could become really popular! As mentioned above, you could tweak the BBCode a little, but other than that, this shop is amazing.

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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

Review from ᴀ'ꜱ ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ ꜱʜᴏᴘ #1, reviewed by Arsxi_ 10/6/20.

Arsxi_ wrote:

Lightning Studios Review:

Title: 10/10- The title is unique because it doesn't use normal fonts.

Banner: 10/10- The title is displayed so it has visibility.

Availability of Staff (AoS): 9.5/10- It took less than 30 mins for my order to be ‘Taken!’ by someone.

Quality: 9/10- The only thing that is my problem is the banner size. Everything else was great!

Customer Service (CS): 8/10- It seemed like they were very busy. But they finished my order in less than 3 days.

Overall Experience (OE): 9.5/10- I'd recommend coming here they have good quality, CS, AoS.

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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

cubbywindowsdpc wrote:

Review from Reputable Retail Reviews
Preliminary Inspection:
First, I'll take a closer examination of the topic title. It uses emotes AND a fancy font, which makes it really eye-catching amongst other topics in the Requests forum. However, I would advise using emotes with more colour in them, to get more wow-factor into your topic title. Now, let's look at the banner. Your shop banner is so professional, you can tell that a lot of effort has been put into it. I can't exactly find anything to improve on the banner, it's so good. Now, I'll review the formatting of your front page. You've gone for a user-friendly navigation pane and a front page split across many posts, which helps customers explore your shop. You've put your product type list on the main post, which is helpful to new customers, as it tells them what your shop can produce. You've also put your achievements list on this post, which is also a good thing to show off on first sight. As I look around your other front posts, I can tell that they're high-quality, although they could be spiced up a bit with the use of more emojis, fancy fonts, and coloured text. Your BBCode skills are great, although I wouldn't centre the whole post, especially the forms and the staff list. I'd also recommend putting the bundles with the services list on the main post. Overall, really nice first impressions right there!
Service (10/10):
Normally, I would only give 10/10 services to shops with instant delivery, but Lightning Studios makes an exception. I ordered later in the day, so the owner contacted me and said that they would be able to complete it the following day. After that, the order was completed bang-on schedule and was presented very well.
Product (8/10):
The product made for me was pretty decent! It was the employee's first time working with Canva and other image-creation software, and let's just say it's an awesome first-timer! It probably wouldn't make it to my profile, but I still applaud the talent of its creator greatly.
Overall (10/10):
This shop hits the mark perfectly! You can tell that it has grown substantially, and it deserves to, because it is so well built and high-quality. I'd definitely bring this shop up to customers wanting great service and products!

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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

Review from SSR:

GrahamSH wrote:

Here's your SSR review!

Lightning Studios
This shop has a lot going for it, with a wide array of products, diverse and active staff, fast orders, and relatively high order quality. The only reason 4 points were taken off were for small minor imperfections. For example, orders were usually done in just over a day, which unfortunately is true for most orders. Also, for beginners at art, the art is pretty good. Also, you have a large staff that is active and is full of diversity. The front page is well set up, and multiposted which is a plus. I would order here again. Overall, very good.

Final Score: 26/30

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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

Review from ⚐ Tʜᴇ Pʀɪᴅᴇ Sʜᴏᴘᴘᴇ ⚐ reviewed by -LesBeProud-

LesBeProud- wrote:

Lightning Studios' Review
First Impression: 8/10

When I first looked at Lightning Studios, I noticed your banner immediately. It looks very nice, and the colors fit very well with that of your welcome text “We light your projects up in a flash”. However, I feel like it might have been more beneficial to have had a member of your shop make your banner, as you do sell banners. It could also have been an easy way to show of your skills. Still, it's perfectly fine to have someone else do your banner, that's just my opinion. Also, I think your directory is great. It works really well, and none of the links are broken! Additionally, I love that you've listed out all your services so we know exactly what we can and can't order. Lastly, the fact that you have laid out your news/achievements as well as included a link to your bumping banner is nice. The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that you've put almost the whole first post in a quote. Still, it looks great and you have a lot of important information.
Original Posts - Content: 9/10

I think you have a lot of helpful content in your posts for sure. The memberships and Thunder Tokens are a bit confusing. Perhaps a short explanation of those might be helpful! I also had a look at your members page and noticed that @EVIL_GUY01 seems to have 100 billion negative thunder tokens and is also banned. I'm sorry you had a negative interaction with your customer, that's definitely not a fun thing to deal with! Also, I like that you have advertisements for sale! It's definitely unique for a shop.
Bulletin Board Code: 9.5/10

You have a definite mastery of BB code, and it shows for sure in your posts! You use it well both to organize everything and to make it aesthetically pleasing.
Product: 9.5/10

My order is absolutely amazing! I love it. The colors fit together so well, the animation is incredibly smooth, the costumes aren't pixelated, everything is just amazing. Seriously, I think I'm actually going to be using this for a while! The only thing that bugs me a bit is the fact that it isn't a gif I can upload as my profile picture, but that's okay. I used Screencastify to record one loop, and cropped it. Still, maybe providing it as a gif too might be great in the future. However, the product itself is so amazing I only want to dock half a point. Seriously, I could go on for a loooong time about how great this product is. I absolutely love it!
Speed: 9.5/10

I think this is definitely an area where Lightning Studios stood out to me! My order was taken in under three hours, and completed in about 1 1/2, which is really good! This is really, really fast for an order, so thank you!
Customer Service: 10/10

Your staff made sure to notify me on my profile and on this thread upon completion of my order, which was great and exactly what I requested! They were all very kind, so I don't have anything negative to say. As this is a category that can rally make or break a shop, I think you've excelled so far!
Staff: 9/10

You have a large amount of staff, and I think that's beneficial for such a large shop. I also noticed that none of them have any strikes. Well done! However, I feel that you might be able to improve the application form by asking for work examples. It would allow you to get a feel for an applicant's experience.
Productivity: 8/10

To calculate your productivity, I use two measures - OPP and SI. Since you have a ton of pages, I am only going to use the last few (38, 39, 40, 41, 42) for calculations. OPP, or orders per page, is just that! On the last 4.4 pages, you've completed 2 orders. Your OPP score is 0.45. That's pretty good. SI is short for spam index, and it checks the amount of posts which are spam (this includes bumps!). With 88 posts and 12 spam posts on the last five pages, your SI score is 0.14. That's really low, nice work!
Partnerships: 9/10

When I last checked, you had 13 partners. I think it's great, because both you and them can give each other exposure. However, what other benefits can you give each other? Completing unfinished orders? Other advertisements? Giving feedback on each others shops? Try to see what you can come up with!
Shop Environment: 10/10

I think the environment here is pretty good! The staff seem pretty happy to work here, orders are completed quickly, customers are satisfied…in short, all the hallmarks of a successful shop!
Final Impression: 91.5/100 - A+

I think Lightning Studios is a great shop! You're already very expanded, and you've got a lot of orders done. Keep up the good work!

  • Have a member of your shop rather than another shop make your banner
  • Make sure Scratch project delivery of orders are accessible to a customer's needs
  • Update your staff application form
  • Bring more orders in
  • Evaluate potential partner benefits
  • Keep running an awesome shop!
Thank you for ordering from The Pride Shoppe! Hopefully your review was helpful.

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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

Review from ᑕᕼᗝᑕ'ᔕ ᖇᗴ丅ᗩᎥᒪ ᖇᗴᐯᎥᗴᗯᔕ 2 reviewed by bananaandchoc1

bananaandchoc1 wrote:

Lightning Studios Review #2
First Look (9/10):
The title is what will attract customers to your shop. The title has fancy fonts, symbols and is quite long, which means it is very hard to overlook your shop. Although, you could change “HIRING! PIXEL ARTISTS IN NEED!!!”, to ‘ᕼIᖇIᑎG! ᑭI᙭Eᒪ ᗩᖇTIᔕTᔕ Iᑎ ᑎEEᗪ!!!’. Not much you need to improve with the title, so good work!

Your banner is really amazing (well done xxHam_Sandwichxx!), although, you could get someone at your shop (or you) to make a new banner, to add to the credibility of your shop. (You could use two banners at once, like here).

Your posts are laid out well, but, as said before, you could remove some of the underlines. I know it’s small, but you should put spaces between the text and lines on the directory. It would look more professional. In my last review I said you shouldn’t colour text yellow. You did change that, but you coloured it bright blue, which is also very hard to see. You could get some hex codes from online, I’ll give you a few examples.
[color=#dcce00]-insert text here-[/color]
comes out as -insert text here-,
[color=#00bdc3]-insert text here-[/color]
comes out as -insert text here-.

Customer Service (8.5/10):
My order was taken in two minutes, and taken by two workers! This shows that they’re very dedicated. I then got a message in my studio saying ‘I’m done with your pfp <link>’. This isn’t great. The employee should’ve written something like ‘Hi, your order at Lingtning Studios is complete! <link> If you want anything changed, feel free to ask!’. My order was completed 11 hours later. There wasn’t a ‘completed!’ message on the forum, so I recommend that you get your workers to leave a message on the forum too.

Quality of Product (7/10):
The employee actually drew the graphics, which I am impressed about, most people would’ve just found them on google! However, the product wasn’t great. It was adequate, but they don’t seem to use any kind of design programme, since they used a font that was in scratch. This may have been due to the employee, though.

Overall (9/10):
As said before, this shop could become very successful! You just need to play around with the formatting and enforce good customer service and then you’re good!
Hope this helps!

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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

Review from Global Gobo's Choice, reviewed by Jensenschool

Jensenschool wrote:

Hi! I'm from Global Gobo's Choice, and here's your review:
Your title looks really good and I love the font! I would recommend sticking to one or two symbols, though.
Your layout is nice and neat, and I like the FAQs and Thunder Tokens.
Orders are taken and completed quickly, and customers keep coming back! This is a really good shop, and we are lucky to have you in Global Gobo's Choice.

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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

XCat wrote:

Lightning Studios Review

Preliminary Inspection (8/10)

First, the title is really engaging, drawing the viewer in using fancy fonts and symbols. The only thing I’d say is that there are almost too many different types of symbols in the title – it’s best if you can just pick a few and go with them! The banner is of a great quality, but since you state that you offer banners, I think it’d be best if it was made by either you or one of your staff, to show customers that you would use your own banners. But great job!
The slogan using a gradient is great, as is the heading below. The only thing I’d say is that you might want to place “This is Lightning Studios” above the rest of the line and use fancy fonts, symbols, BBCode, or even a banner, to jazz it up a bit. The directory is also a nice touch, but as above, I’d recommend jazzing it up a bit. But great job!

Moving down the rest of the first post, the information seems helpful and informative, as well as being grammatically correct. I’d recommend replacing the 40 pages story with a new one for 50 pages, so the first post looks as up-to-date as possible. The only other thing I’d say is that the achievements list is quite long and takes up a large proportion of the first post, so it might be worth considering moving it to a post of its own. If you still wanted to showcase recent news, you could replace the achievements list with a “Headlines” section and put the most recent updates there. But great job!

I had a quick scroll through the rest of the first page, and determined that it is mostly helpful and informative with mostly correct spelling and grammar. However, you might want to clarify the benefits of being a member with a brief description on the members form and a longer one in the “Members” section. I’d also recommend removing the negative points part for the banned Scratcher since it seems a bit unprofessional. I’d also recommend, as above, jazzing up the shop pages a bit using fancy fonts, symbols, BBCode, and banners and infographics. But great job!

Overall, Lightning Studios has a great setup with helpful and informative information and mostly correct spelling and grammar. With a few touch-ups and jazzing up the shop pages, Lightning Studios could have a really impressive front page. Great job!

Service (8.5/10)

My order was taken within a couple of hours by the owner after none of the staff were available to take it, and completed 20 minutes later. It was a little disappointing to see that staff weren’t available, but it wasn’t too big of a deal. The profile notification was great, though perhaps there could have been a bit more to it – such as saying hi, adding a thank you for ordering message, and encouraging the customer to leave a review. But, Lightning Studios delivered and took orders speedily.

Order (8.5/10)

The order I was given did meet my broad criteria, as well as using a bit of creative license for the parts I didn’t specify, which is great! The banner I received was of a relatively high standard, which was great, and easily beat any other banner from a quick-order everything store. The code box below the banner with copy and paste code was also helpful, particularly for users new to the forums. Overall, Lightning Studios delivered a great banner exactly to my specifications!

Overall (8.5/10)

Overall, Lightning Studios had great set-up and helpful information on its front page, as well as a great title and banner. Lightning Studios delivered a fast result to my specifications, however had much higher quality than many other quick-order everything shops. With a couple of improvements, Lightning Studios could easily be one of the current best everything shops on the Requests forum!

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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

I will be using your colors for this, yellow and black
The Electric Shop Review #1
First Look (5.5/10)
First of all - your title. You seem to be using a fancy font as well as symbols. Great, as it helps your shop stand out in the Requests Forums among the many other shops! Now, to your front page: your shop isn't multiposted and only consists of 2 posts, and they are kind of messy. The second banner and the OC image is not necessary though. I can see some grammatical and spelling errors too. It also bothers me that some things are in quotes and some are not. Also, the “Lightning_Bolt77 wrote” part in the quotes is not necessary. It would also be better if you could highlight some of the important words such as “Partners”, “FORMS”, etc. You should also try making your text bold, italic, underlined or
to make the text stand out. I see that you have a 3rd banner as well. It kind of separates the Leave Form from the other forms, and that disturbs me quite a bit. Your motto is “we will do your order at electric speeds”. It has a grammatical error, “electric speeds” maybe change it to: “we will do your order at the speed of electric” You do have some good things on the front page, such as a reviews section or awards section. You may want to improve on your front page.

Originality (N/A/10)
I cannot rate this section as your shop doesn't really have any original ideas besides the packages no offence . You should try and brainstorm more ideas such as official colors, special offers, benefits for partners, etc.
Staff (6/10)
You have quite a sustainable amount of staff. I do see some off-topic posts or spam such as (“hi”, “I'm bored”, and “500 POSTS AHHHH”), and none of your staff has any strikes, well done! Although, you may want to create some terms & conditions in the shop. I do see, however that you organised a shop meeting and nobody actually responded in the studio.
Bulletin Board Code Formatting (6/10)
You may want to tune up your BBCode skills. I've mentioned some of the flaws in the “First Look” section.
Product Quality (9.5/10)
The product was great! In fact, it was so good I may use it for a while (or a long time), although I had to deduct half a mark. You see - I stated that I wanted my favourite colors on it. Although, the employee did not ask what my favorite colors were and put yellow. Ask to be sure, don't always assume!
Speed (9/10)
My order was taken on the next day - and completed in about an hour. Well done!

Customer Service (6.5/10)
Even with good speed and product quality, the third factor to satisfy a customer is Customer Service. I was notified on my profile one day after the order was done - and I didn't get a link to the completed order. Maybe improve on that.

When done on the forums,

Worker wrote:

-snip Done!
-pfp here-
to get it right click and save image as
When it probably should be:
Hi there -username-, your order is now done! If you need any changes don't hesitate to ask and please leave a review if possible! Here it is:
-completed order-
To use it, right-click the image and click save image as. Then set it as your profile picture!
When done on profile:

Worker wrote:

I finished your test order at t.e.s
Try to avoid acronyms - use the full shop name or it may cause confusion. In fact, I know another shop with the acronym T.E.S, the emerald shop.
It should be:
Hi! I finished your order at The Electric Shop. Find it here: -insert link- Have a great day!
Anyways, that's all for this section.
Accessibility (6/10)
You don't have a link directory, which I suppose is okay since you only have 2 posts for the shop info. It may be hard to find specific stuff like forms since you don't highlight some of the important text.
Partnerships (8/10)
You have A LOT of partners. Maybe try coming up with ideas to help each other?
Other Order Quality (OOQ) (94/100)
I've rated the quality of a few of your past orders. Keep it up with the AMAZING product quality.
Final Marks: 65.9/90 - 73% - Good.
I calculated this out of 90 since one section was N/A.
Take this as constructive criticism, but don't take it too seriously :)
  • Improve BBCode formatting, and correct the spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Come up with original ideas
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Ask the customer when needed, don't just assume.
  • Avoid Acronyms when notifying
  • Come up with benefits for your partners
  • Highlight some text
  • Try to avoid spam/off-topic posts
  • Get your employees active and productive in the shop.
please leave a review (with the form) at Lightning Studios 3.0 about how this review helped you :D

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Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

sorry for the long delay - I've been busy, with a shop, a federation, an OS, exams and stuff AND INTERNET. anyways, I'll use the color brown for this because box
The Box Shop Review #1
First Look (9/10)
okay - first of all is the title. You have symbols in your title, which is great as it helps your shop stand out! Although, you may use a font to help it stand out even better. I don't have many things to say in this section - except that since you offer banners, it would be beneficial to have one of your employees make the shop banner as it could show off your designing skills to your customers to make a good first impression. There is a small issue with your current banner though - the emptiness. Maybe add some clipart or images of boxes or something. That's all for this section.
Originality (10/10)
Selling packages only? That's quite interesting. Although you sell standalone orders now, it's quite unique to sell packages only at the start. (not asking you to go back to packages only, keep the standalone orders). I like the levels system with the staff, and you also sell Studio descriptions, about me's. and “what I'm working on's”. That's quite unique for a shop product. The order tracking system is also quite cool. Anyways, you have a very original shop, try coming up with even more ideas!
Staff (9/10)
You have a good amount of staff for your current shop size. They all have no strikes too, well done! Although, you may want to consider more positions besides Owner and Administrator and the levels. Is there some sort of benefit for reaching higher levels though?
Bulletin Board Code Formatting (10/10)
Great BBCode skills, everything is organised. Well done!
Product Quality (7/10)
The product I received was of mediocre quality. You may want to add some more clipart, as it seemed quite empty. It would also be beneficial to use a different font to spruce up the banner and PFP. Besides all that, the banner & PFP was quite good. The About Me and WIWO was also great!
Speed (9/10)
Taken in 7 minutes, completed in about an hour. Great!

Customer Service (9/10)
The customer service is amazing! I got notified on my profile with a friendly message, got a link and even got a set of instructions along with the completed order. However, one small problem. Instead of just saying “Order Complete!” on the forums, you might want to say stuff like: Please leave a review, it helps support this shop! or If you need any changes, don't hesitate to ask!

Accessibility (9.5/10)
Your shop is really accessible, with a directory and a Resources post. I got a bit confused when ordering though, or maybe that's just me
Partnerships (9/10)
You have a sustainable amount of partners. Maybe try coming up with ideas to help each other besides the usual advertising and helping each other with orders?
Other Order Quality (OOQ) (80/100)
I've rated the quality of a few of your past orders. Keep it up with the good product quality.
Final Marks: 89.5/100 - 89.5% - Good.
Take this as constructive criticism, but don't take it too seriously :)
  • Improve the forum message with customer service.
  • Add a fancy font to the title
  • Reduce emptiness in shop banner, but don't make it cluttered!
  • Get one staff member to create a shop banner (and bump banner if you want)
  • Come up with ideas to help partners

please leave a review (with the form) at Lightning Studios 3.0 about how this review helped you :D

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1000+ posts

Lightning Studios, review portfolio.

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