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тнє иαтυяє ѕнσρ! иσω тαкιиg σя∂єяѕ!

when backdrop switches to [Life starts ]
point towards [happiness :)
when [Sadness comes v] key pressed
point towards [happiness not sadness
Life will never turn out to be perfect so look on the bright side when the storm comes
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тнє иαтυяє ѕнσρ! иσω тαкιиg σя∂єяѕ!

lunastarckb wrote:

27lperez wrote:

Application Form!!
Username - @27lperez
What are you good at on scratch? - Theme songs, story plots
Experience (1 to 10) - 8
Activity (1 to 10) - 8.5
Are you a scratcher or new scratcher? - scratcher
Why do you want to join? - I am part of your Warriors shop, and I wanted to see this one too
Do you want to be part of the BoD? - yes plz
Have you read the staff rules? - yes

What do you want to be in the BoD and you are missing the code word please read the staff rules again!
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