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Add to Yoruba Lessons

I heard someone talk about having Yoruba Lessons and creating something about it. She did not actually say that she made something but that does not matter. I just created a programme for it if you just search ‘Shellby’ you should get it. Since I am Yoruba myself I think it is cool…

when green flag clicked
ask [You want to learn Yoruba] and wait

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when green flag clicked
set [jorfuladeco v] to [∞]
if <(answer) = [I'm loving it]> then
say [I know]
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Add to Yoruba Lessons

I am Yoruba as well! This is exiting.

I don't know why the evil kumquat joke is so funny so TvT

To-do List for Summer 2020
  • Write 30000 words for SWC
  • Finally use my sketchbook
  • Finish 10 chapters of my book
  • Finally use my painting pad
  • Use at least 2 canvases
  • Read a book
  • Win a round of build off in minecraft

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